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Canva Shadow Effect: How To Add Shadow In Canva

In Canva, either open up an existing design or create a new Canva design you want to add a Canva shadow effect to. To add a Canva shadow effect to text, click on "Text" from the left-hand side panel, and then on either "Add a Heading," "Add a Subheading," or "Add a little bit of body text."

I'll click on "Add a Heading" and then change this text to "Canva shadow effect." Feel free to change the font size and color of your text.

In order to add the Canvas shadow effect, click on "Effects" from the panel up top, and then on "Shadow." Feel free to customize the shadow's offset, direction, blur, transparency, and color.

Now, let's cover how to add a Canva shadow effect to an image. From the left-hand side panel, click on "Photos" and select a photo of your choice, such as the one of these women over here. Feel free to resize and reposition this image so that it looks the way you wish.

Now, click on "Edit Photo" from the panel up top. Scroll down until you reach the "FX Effect," and then click on "Shadows." You can either select "Glow," "Drop," or "Outline" and then edit the size, blur amount, angle, distance, color, and intensity of the shadow.

If you want to add the shadow to these ladies rather than to this entire image, you first need to remove the background of the image. Let's add the same photo again so I can show you how to do that.

Click on "Edit Photo" from the panel up top, and then on "BG Remover." As you can see, now you have just the two ladies rather than two ladies plus the background.

Just as before, scroll down until you reach this "FX Effect" section, and then click on "Shadows." Select whether you wish a "Glow Shadow," a "Drop Shadow," or an "Outline Shadow." In this case, I'll select a "Drop Shadow" and change its size, blur amount, angle, distance, color, and intensity.

Once you're happy with how your Canva shadow effect looks, make sure you rename your design up top and then click on "Share," "Download," and "Download" again to save your Canva design with a Canva shadow effect to your computer.


Unlock the secrets of the Canva shadow effect in this Canva tutorial! Learn how to add depth and dimension to your Canva designs with step-by-step instructions. From text and images to shapes and elements, we've got you covered. Discover solutions for when your Canva shadow effect isn't showing. Stay updated on the latest Canva features and create eye-catching designs with drop shadows, long shadows, and more. Whether you're using Canva on mobile or Canva on desktop, this guide will help you level up your Canva design game. Don't miss out – watch now and add that WOW factor to your creations with Canva shadows!

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