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Write For Us

Write a guest post for Yes To Tech and get extra exposure for your online business!


By being a guest author on Yes To Tech's blog, you'll get:


- An author bio, with a follow link of your choice (this can be to a blog post, to one of your lead magnets, or to a specific page on your site so you can grow your e-mail list).


- A contextual link to a related blog post on your blog within the body of the guest post (this means you get a backlink, which is huge for SEO).


- Promotion to an e-mail list of 5000+ subscribers, as well as on Yes To Tech's social media channels - in other words, you get exposure to a new audience on multiple platforms.


These perks aren't something most blogs offer. We make a commitment to get both you and your content shared, and ask in exchange that you write a post you're happy and proud of.


Sound like something up your alley? Perfect! Read the guidelines below to apply:


It's our mission at Yes To Tech to empower non-techie online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners to maximize their online presence.


Think of us as your fairy godmothers of tech, where we take you by the hand, and explain things step by step by step, so you’re never stressed or overwhelmed by the tech stuff you need to run an online business.


With that said, we're looking for digital and online marketing experts who can explain a concept step-by-step, be it beginning or advanced, in a simple and straightforward way that can be understood by anyone, independent of technical ability.


Our target audience is comprised of millennials to 30-year-olds, who have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are dying to leave their corporate 9-5 job to run their online business full time. They're not particularly tech-savvy, and so are looking for actionable and effective strategies to maximize their online presence, be it by creating their DIY website, developing their unique brand, or driving explosive amounts of traffic to their blog.


Your post should:


- Be actionable, to-the-point, and take the readers on a step-by-step journey through the entire process of your post's topic, without leaving any steps out. "How to" posts are strongly encouraged.


- Have 1000 to 3000 words of original content (it can't have been published on any other site or blog).


- NOT include any paid or affiliate links in the body of the post and in your author bio.


- Only include 1 contextual, follow link to a related blog post on your blog within the body of the guest post, and 1 follow link of your choice within the author bio. All other links will be no-follow, unless they are to an external, 3rd party blog or site and authorized by Yes To Tech.


- Include multiple screenshots and images that clearly and visually convey what you're writing about.


If you're ready and excited to write a guest post for Yes To Tech, and agree to follow the guidelines above, go ahead and fill out the application form below. We can't wait to read what you come up with!


To save time for everyone involved, make sure you submit around 2-3 headline ideas for your post, as well as a brief description of what you plan to write about (do this BEFORE you write the entire guest post).


If you're selected as a guest author (we'll notify you by e-mail), we may ask to see an outline / draft of your post before you begin writing.


And that's it! To be considered, just fill out the form below (we're currently looking for guest posts on free social media marketing and traffic generation tactics):

Thanks! Form submitted!

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