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“Can I Do That With Wix?” The Definitive Wix Review

Can I do that with Wix? Here’s a Wix tutorial that will give you Wix website ideas, help you with your Wix blog and Wix website design and choose the best Wix template to create a website layout that converts with Wix website ideas tips

Last week, I talked about the 8 key things you need to know about using Wix as your DIY website creation platform. Even so, you may still be on the fence about using it instead of Squarespace, WordPress or Weebly. I get it. I’ve gotten tons of great questions about the functionality of a Wix website, so let me answer those for you:

1. “Can I blog with Wix?”

Yes, you can create and feed a blog with Wix (and customize individual elements to fit in with your site’s brand).

Can I blog with Wix? - Yes To Tech

Adding a blog to your Wix website is literally just a click of a button away. You can then customize the blog feed and single post design settings, such as the date format, sharing options, button size, font, and much more, as you please.

Your sidebar is also 100% customizable. You can add your own images and text, as I did with “Enroll in this FREE COURSE”, or include blog elements that Wix automatically feeds, such as recent posts, featured posts, archive, categories, tag cloud, and ticker.

Within your blog manager, you have the option of scheduling posts in advance, saving a post as a draft, adding categories and tags, inserting images, galleries, video, GIFs, a divider and HTML, customizing the post’s URL, meta title, meta description, excerpt and title on mobile, adding related posts, selecting a specific post as featured, and even analyzing your insights so you can measure your blog’s performance.

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2. “Can I create a landing page on Wix?”

Absolutely! You can create a landing page, cover page or welcome mat on Wix, and set it as your homepage to capture e-mail subscribers.

Can I create a landing page on Wix? - Yes To Tech

If you are promoting an event or webinar, are opening the doors to your online course, or want your site’s visitors to opt in to your free course or freebie, you will definitely want to add a landing page as your site’s homepage. This will give them one of two choices: say yes and opt in to whatever you are promoting, or continue on to your site (usually your blog).

To create a landing page on Wix, all you have to do is:

  1. Add a new page.

  2. Change the layout so that the page has no header and footer.

  3. Add a strip and change the background image.

  4. Add text about whatever it is you are promoting.

  5. Add two buttons - one to claim your offer, and another one to read the blog instead.

  6. Set this page as your homepage.

Now whenever someone searches for your website, instead of landing on your homepage first, they will see the landing page instead, and be tempted to opt in for your offer.

How To Create A Landing Page In Wix In 20 Minutes - Landing Page Tutorial

3. “Can I connect ConvertKit to Wix?”

Yes, you can add a ConvertKit form to your Wix site.

Although Wix does not provide a direct integration with ConvertKit in its App Market, you can add an opt-in form to your website using HTML code.

Get your form’s code from ConvertKit

Can I connect ConvertKit to Wix? - Yes To Tech

  1. Log in to your ConvertKit account.

  2. Click on the form you wish to insert in your Wix website.

  3. Go to ‘Settings’, ‘Embed’ and click on ‘Raw HTML’.

  4. Copy the code provided.

Insert your ConvertKit form in your Wix site

Can I connect ConvertKit to Wix? - Yes To Tech

  1. Log in to your your Wix account.

  2. Click ‘Add’ from the left-hand side panel.

  3. Click on ‘More’ and ‘HTML code’.

  4. Once a grey square pops up on your screen, click ‘Enter Code’.

  5. Paste the code you copied from ConvertKit, and press ‘Update’.

  6. Resize the HTML code box so that your form fits properly.

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4. “Can I sell digital (and physical) products on Wix?”

If you are on Wix’s eCommerce plan or higher, you can sell both digital and physical products from your Wix site.

Can I sell digital (and physical) products on Wix? - Yes To Tech

As an online entrepreneur, you may wish to sell your eBook, printable, or digital album right from your Wix website, or even one of your physical products, such as a t-shirt, shoes or a skateboard.

Although you will be able to add an online store on any of Wix’s premium plans, you will only be able to accept online orders from your customers if you are on a Wix eCommerce plan or higher (since I am not on an eCommerce plan, you can see that Wix asks me to upgrade by adding that purple button at on the bottom left).

Right from the Wix Stores panel, you can add your products (both individual and collections), connect a payment method so your buyers can pay you when they get to checkout, manage your shipping and tax rules, view your orders, add coupons and special offers, edit e-mail notifications (e.g. order placed, digital product order, order shipped, and order ready for pickup), customize your policies and currency, and even manage your store on the go with the Wix App.

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5. “Can I optimize my Wix website for SEO?”

Wix makes it super easy for beginners who have no clue how to optimize their site for search to do so.

One of the best features that Wix offers is the Wix SEO Wiz. It directs you through a series of questions with regard to your site’s general information and keywords, and provides you with a unique SEO plan.

Can I optimize my Wix website for SEO? - Yes To Tech

This plan includes a checklist of all the important things that need to be optimized for best search results, and even offers you a step-by-step guide of the things you need to change, and why they matter, if for some reason they are not optimal.

Can I optimize my Wix website for SEO? - Yes To Tech

You can also customize each of your individual page’s SEO from the Wix Editor. It allows you to name your page for search engines, add a page description, hide or show a particular page in search results, edit the page URL, and even include specific keywords for that page.