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How To Add Schema To Your Wix Website

In this video, I'm going to show you how to add schema to your Wix website. Before you can add structured data markup to your site's Pages, you first need to access a schema markup generator for Json LD.

From this dropdown menu, under where it says "Which markup would you like to create," select the schema markup type. This can either be an article, breadcrumb, event, FAQ, page, how-to, drawing, local business, organization, person, product, recipe, video, or website. I'll go ahead and select website for our schema.

Fill out this form over here. This includes your website's name, URL, the internal site search URL, and optional string in the search URL after the query. Once you're done filling out the schema markup generator for your website, go ahead and copy the code that appears on the right.

After you've created your structured data markup, you can then head over to this Rich results test page by Google to check whether your page supports Rich results. All you need to do is enter the URL in the space provided and then click on "Test URL."

A pop-up will appear saying "Testing live URL," which may take a minute or two, and then the test results will appear on the following page. In my case, no items were detected because this is just a sample URL and not an actual website out there.

Now, in order to add schema to your Wix website, copy that code that you had created from the schema markup generator and head over to your Wix website's editor. In our editor, head over to the page you'll want to add the structured data markup to. Click on the pages drop-down menu from the top left-hand side and then on "Manage Pages."

Click on the three little dots next to your site's home page and then on "Settings." Click on the arrow on the right until you reach the "Advanced SEO" tab. Click on "Structure Data Markup" and then "Add New Markup." Add a name to your new markup, such as "schema," and where it says "Write your markup in Json LD format," paste your code that you created from the schema markup generator in the space provided.

Once you're done doing so, click on "Apply" at the bottom. As you can see over here, you've successfully added schema to your Wix website. In order to make these changes live, make sure to click on "Publish" on the top right-hand side.

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If you want to learn about even more Wix tips and tricks, make sure to check out the video on the screen to learn how to change your meta title in Wix. I hope you enjoyed this video. Subscribe for even more Wix tutorials, and I'll see you in the next one.


Learn how to boost your Wix website's search engine visibility with schema markup. In this tutorial, we'll cover adding structured data, using on Wix, and implementing schema for SEO. Discover the best practices, schema types for Wix websites, and how to optimize your Wix website's metadata. We'll also explore the benefits of schema markup and provide a helpful schema markup checklist. Watch this video to enhance your Wix SEO schema and improve your website's ranking in search engine results. Don't miss out on this valuable resource for Wix users looking to optimize their website with structured data.

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