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Adding A Pop-Up Cookie Policy On Your Wix Website Using The Privacy & Cookies Feature - Wix Tutorial

In this video, I'm going to show you how to add a pop-up cookie policy on your Wix website using the privacy and cookies feature.

To get to this page I'm on right now, first access your Wix site's dashboard. Then, click on Settings from the left-hand side panel, and then on Privacy and Cookies.

In order to add a pop-up cookie policy on your Wix website, locate the "Display Cookie Consent Banner" section and then click on "Get Started". Turn the toggle on. Next to where it says "Display Cookie Banner on site", a standard cookie consent banner will pop up on the footer of your site to request consent from your visitors.

You can then customize what this cookie pop-up looks like by editing the text and display settings. This way, you can customize your site's cookie consent banner appearance, buttons, and text.

First, select the banner color theme: light, dark, or customize. If you select "customize", you can then choose the main color, second color, font, and size. Over here on the right, you'll be able to see what your pop-up cookie policy will look like on your website. I'm going to select "light".

Then, choose what the consent button text will say, such as "accept". What the settings button text will say, such as "settings". And the privacy policy link text, such as "privacy policy".

You can also add a "decline all" button if you wish and edit the "decline all" button text as well as add a cookie settings widget to all of the pages and then customize the settings text and settings position to bottom left, bottom right, center right, center left, and others.

Over here at the bottom, you can inform your visitors about what cookies your site uses and collect their consent. For instance, you can say, "We use cookies on our website to see how you interact with it. By accepting, you agree to our use of such cookies."

When you scroll down that page, you need to add a link to your privacy policy from your site's cookie consent banner. This privacy policy can either be displayed on a page on your site, where you can then select from the drop-down menu which page that privacy policy will appear, or on an external web address URL. I'm going to select a page on my site.

Scrolling further down, you need to review the cookie policy requirements. The standard cookie banner prevents marketing, performance, and analytics cookies to be placed by your site prior to visitor consent, but some external elements will continue to load cookies. Make sure to click on the "I've read and understood the above" button.

If you wish, you can also access advanced options to customize the text that visitors see in cookie settings and renew your visitors' consent. In order to do so, click on the arrow on the right. From here, you can either customize cookie categories text or renew visitor consent.

Once you're done setting up your cookie consent banner, click on "Save and Publish" on the top right-hand side to make our changes active. A pop-up will appear saying that your cookie banner is now published and live on your site. Just as a side note, you won't be able to view it in the editor or preview mode. So, to see it, you need to go to your live site. Let's go ahead and click on "Go to Live Site" to see just that.

Over here at the bottom, you can now see your cookie pop-up banner in action.

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I hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure to subscribe, and I'll see you in the next one.


Are you a Wix website owner? Learn how to enhance your site's compliance with a pop-up cookie policy using the Privacy & Cookies feature. Our step-by-step tutorial guides you through adding a customizable cookie banner, ensuring GDPR compliance, and respecting visitor privacy. Discover effective strategies for cookie tracking, user consent, and legal requirements. Watch now to optimize your Wix website with a secure and trustworthy cookie policy. Stay compliant and gain visitor trust.

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