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YouTube Monetization: How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit + Turn Your Channel Into A Cash Cow

Wondering how to put ads on your YouTube videos? In this YouTube ads tutorial, I'll be sharing how you can make more money on YouTube with ads. By the end of this video, you'll know exactly how to monetize your YouTube videos and get paid by YouTube every month

Wondering how to put ads on your YouTube videos? In this YouTube ads tutorial, I'll be sharing how you can make more money on YouTube with ads.

By the end of this video, you'll know exactly how to monetize your YouTube videos and get paid by YouTube every month. If you're excited about this video, make sure you like this video, hit the subscribe button and the bell to be notified every time I post a new video, and with that said let's jump right in.

In order to be monetized on YouTube, and be able to have YouTube ads in your YouTube videos, you need to achieve two metrics: 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Many people think that a small YouTube channel doesn't make much money from ads when they're just starting out, but my very first YouTube check came out to $233.95, which is not bad at all for a small YouTube channel with around 1400 subscribers at the time.

An easy way to increase how much money you make on YouTube with YouTube ads is to create videos that are at least 8 minutes long. This is because when your video has at least 8 minutes in length, you can manually add as many ads as you want during the course of your video.

Obviously, if you include 5 ads in a 10 minute long video, your viewers will stop watching your video midway through, which will hurt your watch time metric, but if you include 1 or 2 midroll ads in a 10 minute long video, this increases your chances of making more money on YouTube.

To check whether ads are being placed in your YouTube videos, head over to YouTube, click on your icon on the top, right-hand side, and then on ‘YouTube Studio’. Click on ‘content’ from the panel on the left, and then check whether monetization is active or inactive for any particular video.

To update the YouTube ad settings of an existing YouTube video, locate the video, and then click on the pencil icon that appears on hover. Click on ‘monetization’ from the panel on the left.

This is where you can also check whether monetization for this video is active or inactive, and select the types of ads that’ll appear on your YouTube video, including display ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, skippable video ads, and non-skippable video ads.

At the bottom of this video monetization section, you can choose the location of your video ads: before video (pre-roll), during video (mid-roll) and / or after video (post-roll). As mentioned, if your video is 8 minutes or longer, you’ll have the option to add mid-roll ads to your YouTube video.

By default, mid-roll ads will be placed at natural breakpoints to balance the viewer experience and creator revenue. If you wish to bypass this, and manually add mid-roll ads to your YouTube videos, click on ‘mange mid-rolls’.

Place your cursor where you wish to add a new mid-roll ad to your YouTube video, and then click on ‘ad break’ up top. For each ad break that you add, you can its specific time placement, or delete it if you no longer wish to add it.

Once you’re done adding all of the ad breaks you wish to your YouTube video, click on ‘continue’ on the top, right-hand side. Always remember to save your video monetization changes to make them active.

To set the YouTube ad settings when uploading a new YouTube video, follow the steps laid out in my video on ‘how to upload videos on YouTube’, up until you reach the ‘monetization section’. I’ll leave the link to it in the description box below.

Just as before,select whether you wish monetization to be on or off for this video, select the type of ads that your viewers will see, as well as the location of those video ads. Only videos longer than 8 minutes are eligible for ads during video.

If you'd like to learn about even more ways to make money on YouTube, make sure to watch my video on 'how to make money on YouTube with a small channel'. I’ll leave the link to it in the description box below.

To check how much money you have made each day with YouTube ads, head over to the ‘Analytics’ tab in your YouTube studio, and then click on ‘revenue’ to see your estimated revenue, RPM and CPM for a given time period. It usually takes around 1-2 days for your revenue stats to process.

It takes around 5 days after a month is over for YouTube to properly adjust the amount of money you’ll actually have made in terms of YouTube ads for the previous month. For instance, between the 1st of April and the 5th of April, you’ll notice an oscillation in the amount of money you have made from YouTube ads in March.

Around the 10th day of the month, the amount of money you made from YouTube ads in the previous month will be transferred to your Google AdSense account. For example, around April 10th, the finalized amount of money you made with YouTube ads in March will be transferred to your Google AdSense account.

If your YouTube ad balance is over $100, or if the combined balance of what you earned from YouTube ads and from Google ads on your website is over $100, you can expect to receive that total amount as a bank transfer on the 21st day of the month. For example, if your total balance for all the ads that you were paid for from YouTube and from Google for the month of March totalled $100 or over, you’ll receive that total amount in your bank account on April 21st.

If the total ad balance is less than $100 for any given month, that amount will roll over to the following month, up until the point that your balance reaches $100. Once the $100 balance is achieved or exceeded, you’ll receive a bank transfer on the 21st day of the month for the given amount.

If you're serious about putting ads on your YouTube videos, make sure you check out our FREE cheat sheet with 9 brilliant tools that you should use below this video to learn more about how to save time and boost your productivity in your online business.

Make sure you comment below and let me know if you’ll be placing ads on your YouTube videos to make more money on YouTube. If you liked this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:45am EST, and stay tuned for our next video which is about how to create video pins for Pinterest. As you wait for my next video to go live, check out these two videos I have right here, and I'll see you in my next video.


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