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Wix Mailchimp Pop Up: How To Integrate Mailchimp Pop Up In Wix Site

In MailChimp, click on 'Audience' from the left-hand side panel and then on 'Sign Up Forms.' Now, since you want to add a popup form to your Wix website from MailChimp, you may think you should click on this 'Popup Form' option. But instead, click on this 'Embed Form' option.

Customize this opt-in form to look the way you wish, including the form fields, settings, tags, and referral badge. Once this form looks the way you wish, click on 'Continue' on the top right-hand side and then copy the code on the next page that appears.

In your Wix website, click on 'Add Elements' from the left-hand side panel, go to 'Interactive,' and then 'Lightboxes.' Select one of the Wix's subscribe lightboxes. Customize this lightbox to look the way you wish, including editing the text and image.

Instead of including the default subscribers form, delete it. Click on 'Add Elements' again, go to 'Embed Code' and 'Embed HTML.' Paste the code you copied from MailChimp into the space provided and click on 'Update.'

If you wish, you can add alt text in this box to tell Google what's in this embed, which is your MailChimp opt-in form. Now, resize and reposition the subscribe form within the lightbox, and you'll be good to go.

Click on either 'Set Triggers' or 'Settings' to customize the lightbox settings. You can automatically display the lightbox on pages by ensuring the 'Yes' option is toggled or click on 'No' and link this lightbox to any button or link on your website.

Once you're happy with how the MailChimp opt-in form looks, click on 'Publish' on the top right-hand side to make your changes active.


Unlock the power of seamless email marketing with this step-by-step tutorial on "How To Integrate Mailchimp Pop Up In Wix Site." Learn the art of Wix Mailchimp integration and elevate your Wix website with effective pop-up forms. This Mailchimp Wix tutorial covers everything from creating engaging pop-ups to optimizing your email marketing strategy. Discover the perfect synergy between Wix and Mailchimp, exploring Wix Mailchimp popup forms and the integration process. Dive into the world of email marketing with insights on Wix vs. Mailchimp and make informed decisions for your business. Elevate your Wix website tutorial game and revolutionize your email marketing game with Mailchimp Wix integration. Don't miss out on this Mailchimp vs. Wix showdown! Turn your Wix site into a marketing powerhouse today.

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You can automatically display the lightbox on pages by ensuring the 'Yes' option is toggled or click on 'No' and link this lightbox to any button or link on your website. geometry dash subzero

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