Which Logo Style You Must Choose For Your Brand?

Which Logo Style You Must Choose For Your Brand? | Yes To Tech

Whenever you start the business, along with all the strategy it’s also important to have an appealing logo. After all, it’s an identity of your brand. It gives your brand a unique stand in the market among plenty of other similar companies.

A better visual identity is necessary to get recognition. It keeps your customers engaged with your brand, and a well-designed logo will be remembered for a longer time. Most of the time, people would only recall the logo and that’s the true identity. Your custom logo design must be well prepared to be attractive and shiny after the years.

Companies are investing a lot of money in making the outstanding logo as it’s highly important to be competitive with others. Multiple things need to be taken care of while making a logo design, and they must be creative. The design elements should be used wisely so that it gives the proper look in the logo.

When it comes to choosing the logo style then it’s always a point of discussion as there are a plethora of available. So, let’s discuss which one you must prefer for your brand logo.

#1. Wordmark logo

One of the most popular styles of logos. As the name suggests it just includes the name of the brand as the logo.

Designers must make the best use of the fonts because here no other elements are going to be used. The creative use of fonts is required which captures the attention of the people. As the complete focus is on the name of the brand then the font must be appropriate which holds the personality of the brand.

The business logo design of Google, Visa, is the perfect example of the Wordmark logo. Therefore, it won’t be a bad choice to opt for this type of logo.

#2. Pictorial marks

Another very popular style of the logo that you can use for your brand. Pictorial marks consist of some symbol, icons, image which is unique and can be used in the logo.

It must be preferred when your brand is popular enough that people can identify just looking at the custom logo design. The brand name must be popular and people must be familiar with it. The image or symbol you choose to use as the business logo design must be unique and extraordinary which gives you attention among a lot of others.

Designers need to be creative while choosing the image as a logo. For instance, the logo of Apple, Twitter has implemented it very nicely. Hence, find out the one image or symbol which is attractive for your brand logo to use this style.

#3. Abstract logo

An abstract logo is a form of the pictorial logo style. It also includes some images, symbols. The key difference here is that rather than using an identifiable image, it includes geometric form as a brand identity.

As it’s not restricted to the real-world object, there are wide opportunities that can include in your logo. It’s all up to the creativity of the designers that what they present in front of the public. Here, they have a great opportunity to showcase some important messages to the customer as it will be a customized design.

For inspiration, you can take an example of the professional logo design of Pepsi, Microsoft, Adidas, and many others available. Hene, it will be a great choice if you want to include some own designed symbols in the business logo design.

#4. Mascot logo

Another very popular type of logo that you can use for your brand. The mascot is the image of the character that acts as an identity of the business. You can consider it as the spokesperson of the brand and it must hold the personality of the brand.

You can make the character the message you want to evoke to the audience which includes fun, serious, etc. It makes your brand distinct from others. It’s quite popular in the food industry as a lot of well-known companies have implemented this. You can consider the logo of the KFC as it has made the best use of it.

#5. Letter mark

As the name suggests it includes only letters as the brand logo. It’s somewhat similar to the wordmark, in that usually, people write the name of the brand and in this only words.

It consists of the initials of the brand name as the custom logo design. As people like abbreviations, you can use it to engage more people. When the brand name is lengthy at that time this would be the most preferable choice which designer needs to follow.

Furthermore, as you are going to use the initials of the brand name then the selection of the font becomes vital. The psychology of font must be understood by the designers. You must choose attractively and which holds the personality of the brand. Take an example of the IBM, CNN logo, it has a unique font which makes the logo appealing.

Wrapping up

Well, there are a lot of logo styles available in the market, and every day you may see many more. Depending upon the requirement you must finalize the type of the logo. The above-discussed style will let you understand under which situation you should what.

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Nidhi Dave is working as a content and brand strategist at ProDesigns - a logo design company, recommending strategies to meet customers’ goals and deliver a superior user experience. She provides content leadership, ensuring that a consistent brand message is delivered to the audience.