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Canva AI Image Generator: How To Create Text To Image In Canva | Canva Text To Image Tutorial

In order to access the Canva AI Image Generator, make sure you're logged into your Canva account and have a Canva Pro Plan. Then, click on Magic Studio on the left-hand side panel.

Scroll down until you reach the "Turn ideas into images and videos with Magic Media" option. Click on the image to start turning your ideas from text to image.

With the Canva Text to Image feature, you can bring images in your head to life with text to image. Text to image turns whatever you're picturing in your mind into a beautiful photo using AI.

You can cut down on the hours spent sketching or searching for an image. Describe the image you're thinking of and watch it appear, as well as make edits for even more accuracy.

Let's go ahead and click on "Try it out" to get started. In order to get started with Canva Text to Image, in the space provided, describe the image you want, and they'll generate it for you.

If you're out of ideas, you can click on "Try an example." The example that the Canva Text to Image generator populated is a minimalist illustration of a house and trees.

You can then select the style you wish, either non-filmic, watercolor, photo, dreamy, or anime. You can also select the aspect ratio: Square, landscape, or portrait. Let's edit the style to filmic and the aspect ratio to Portrait.

Each month, as a Canva Pro user, you'll get access to about 500 credits. You can see over here at the bottom when your credits refresh.

Let's go ahead and click on "Generate image" to see what populates. The Canva Text to Image generator came up with four images of a minimalist illustration of houses and trees.

You can then click on it to add it to your design. Just as we had mentioned, this has a filmic style and is in portrait mode.

If you don't enjoy the options at the Canva Text to Image option populated, you can click on "Generate" again for it to come up with even more text to image options. You can then add these other options to your design as well.

Just like with any regular Canva design, we can click on the options from the left-hand side panel to add additional elements, text, photos, or more options to your Canva design.

Once you're happy with how your Canva Text to Image design looks like, make sure to rename your design up top and then click on "Share" on the top right-hand side. Click on "Download," ensure that the file type is the one you wish, in my case, the suggested option is PNG, and then click on "Download" to save your Canva Text to Image design to your computer.

YouTube Description:

Unlock the power of Canva AI Image Generator with our comprehensive tutorial! Learn how to seamlessly convert text to stunning images using Canva's innovative AI technology. From creating captivating visuals to enhancing your designs, discover the endless possibilities with Canva AI. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, our step-by-step guide covers everything from Canva AI Image Editor to Text to Image conversion. Watch now to master Canva's AI tools and revolutionize your creative process!

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