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How To Make A Clickable PDF Hyperlink In Canva Tutorial: How To Add Link In Canva

To make a clickable PDF hyperlink in Canva, log in to your Canva account. Then, click on the search bar and search for 'document.' Once that option populates, click on it.

You can either select one of Canva's document templates to edit your PDF or click on 'Create a blank document' instead. Let's select this 'Business Update Press Release' so that I can show you how to add a hyperlink to it. Once the preview pops up, click on 'Customize this template.'

It's really fast and easy to transform this regular document into one that includes clickable links. All you have to do is locate the section where you want to add a clickable link, such as, say, this 'Wiggins brand' word. Select it and then click on the link option.

In the space provided, you can either enter a link or search. Let's say that we want to link where it says 'Wiggins brand' to the Wiggins website. All you have to do is type in the website in the space provided.

At the bottom, you can select the display mode, either 'embed' if you're adding another document or 'link.' Make sure that 'link' is selected and then click on 'Done.'

We can repeat that as many times as we wish. For instance, let's make this email address clickable. First, select it, copy it, click on the link option that populates, paste that link in the space provided. As you can see, it will automatically link to an email address. The display mode will be set as 'link,' and then click 'Done.'

We can also link other pieces of text. For example, let's select 'For Immediate Release,' click on the link option, but instead, let's link it to another Canva design, such as this 'Working on Laptop Video.' Let's select that option, change the display mode this time to 'embed,' and as you can see, the video will populate automatically within our clickable PDF.

To change any of the links you've already added to your clickable PDF in Canva, all you have to do is click on the link and then on the pencil icon to edit the link. If you wish, you can copy that link or remove it.

Once you're happy with all of the clickable links that you've added to your Canva design, be them actual links or embeds, make sure that you rename your design up top and then click on 'Share' on the top right-hand side. Click on 'Download,' ensure that the file type selected is set to PDF, the paper size of your choice (either A4, A3, letter, or legal), and then click on 'Download' again to save your clickable PDF hyperlink in Canva to your computer.


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