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How To Sell Digital Products Online

To sell digital products online, you'll first need to sign up for a Teachable account, which you can do for free by clicking on the link in the description box below. Once you've signed up and are logged into your Teachable account, locate the "Products" tab on the left-hand side and then click on "Digital Downloads" to create a new digital product that you can sell online. Click on "Create Digital Download" on the top right-hand side.

The first thing you need to do is enter the basic information of your digital product. These include the product name. In my case, I'll change the product name to the "Pre-Posting Genius Blueprint Workbook."

The category, such as ebook, audiobook, digitally editable templates, worksheets, or workbooks, static files, templates, or patterns, information guides, articles, or how-to's, art, icons, or photography, videos, music, or podcasts, integrations or code snippets, fonts, brush packs, or other design tools, and 2D or 3D files.

In my case, I'll select "Digitally Editable Templates, Worksheets, or Workbooks." If you wish, you can enter a description talking a little bit more about your digital product, as well as a thumbnail to make it stand out from the other digital products you're going to sell.

Scrolling down, we'll reach the content section. Here, you can upload any number of files, up to two gigabytes. Let's go ahead and click on "Upload" to select a file to upload to your digital project. This can be from your device, from a link, from a web search, from Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud Drive, or a custom source.

I'm going to select a file to upload from my device. Locate the digital products I want to sell online, and then click on "Open" to add this digital download to your digital project. Go ahead and click on "Upload." If you have even more files that you want to add to your digital product, just keep repeating this process until you've uploaded them all.

When we scroll down even further, we reach the product visibility section, where you can hide or show your published digital download on the "All Products" page of your school site. If you want to increase your digital download product sales, make sure to turn this toggle to "On."

Once you're done adding the information about your digital download, go ahead and click on "Save" on the top right-hand side. Now, if we click on "Pages" on the left, you'll be able to customize the sales, checkout, and pricing pages of your digital product. All you have to do is locate the page you want to edit, such as the sales page, and click on the "Edit" button on the right.

From here, you can change the banner text, image with text, and pricing page blocks. Or double click on any element on the page to change that directly. In order to edit the pricing to determine how much you're going to sell this digital product for, click on "Pricing" on the left.

From here, you can add a pricing plan to your digital download so your students can pay you. By clicking on the "Add Pricing Plan" button, the price of this digital product can be free, where you allow access to your content free of charge. It can be a one-time purchase where you set up a one-time payment, or it can be a payment plan where you set a fixed number of monthly payments. Let's select "One-Time Purchase."

Make sure to customize the one-time purchase settings. This includes the currency, the amount your students will have to pay for your digital product, the name of this pricing plan, as well as adding a subtitle and detailed description if you wish. If you want, you can also increase conversions by 30% with a "Buy Now, Pay Later" option. All you have to do is turn this "Buy Now, Pay Later" toggle on. Once you're done filling out your pricing settings, click on "Add Pricing Plan" at the bottom.

A couple of things you can do to increase the sales of this digital product is add an order bump or coupon to it. Let's click on "Order Bumps" first. An order bump is a related product or service that you can add to the checkout page of your digital product that is related to the product that you're selling, which can lead to an increase in the average order value. To set one up, click on "Create Order Bump" on the top right-hand side.

Choose the main product you want to add an order bump to, the main product pricing plan, select an order bump product, select the order bump pricing plan, and then click on "Next." From here, you'll see the original price of that related product.

And if you wish, you can add a sale price to incentivize even more sales. Select whether you wish to show or hide the original price with a strikethrough. Add an order bump headline and the order bump description. Once you're done customizing your order bump that you'll be adding to your digital product, click on "Add Order Bump" at the bottom.

Now, let's head over to "Coupons" to create your first coupon to add to your digital product. Click on "Add New Coupon." This coupon can either be multiple-use, where you create a coupon with a code of your choice that can be used as many times as you want, or bulk/single-use, where you generate a CSV file with a list of unique one-time use coupon codes to distribute to users. I'll go ahead and select multiple-use and then click on "Next."

You can create a coupon for this digital product specifically on a pricing plan you choose. The coupon can either be a percentage or an amount. Let's say we want to offer a 25% off coupon. Select the pricing plan you want to add that coupon to, the coupon code, and an internal name for your reference. Select the date and time when the coupon expires, as well as the number of coupons available

If you wish, you can also display or hide the coupon expiration or availability on the sales pages and checkout. This can either be the remaining time before the coupon expiration or the remaining number of coupon uses. Say you just want to add this coupon for 10 people. It will show you a countdown of 10, 9, 8, depending on how many coupons are left if you select the second option. Once you're done editing the coupon settings for your digital products, click on "Save" at the bottom.

Now that we've customized all of the settings of our digital product, let's go ahead and click on "Preview" up top to see how it looks like. This here is what your students will see once they purchase your digital product. They'll see the name, the author name, an image if you added one, as well as the files that they can click on to download. To see the sales and checkout pages in action, let's head back to the "Pages" section and then click on the "View" button next to the sales page.

Here, will show the name of the digital download, a short description of what your digital download is, a button here where they can purchase, text, images, and the availability of your product.

Heading back to your course pages, once you're happy with how everything looks, click on "Information" and then on "Publish" on the top right-hand side. Your digital download will be updated, and now you'll be able to sell it, and make money online with digital products.

If you want to create an online course rather than a digital product that you can sell online, make sure to click on the video on the screen right now, where I guide you step by step on how to do that exactly.

I hope you enjoyed this video, and I'll see you in the next one.


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