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7 Genius Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Get More Traffic | Yes To Tech

You’ve written a brilliant blog post that your audience loves. They comment on it, share it with their friends and on social media, subscribe to your email list, and become your loyal fans. Those blog posts are prime candidates to be repurposed into even more content. There’s no better way to get more traffic, leads and sales than from a blog post that’s already working for you on autopilot. Here are 7 genius ways to repurpose those blog posts to get more traffic:

1. YouTube Video

There’s no denying that video content is on the rise, and that people are spending more and more of their time on YouTube. Whereas in a blog post you’re telling your audience what to do, in a video you can take that piece of content even further by showing them what to do instead. For instance, one of my blog posts on How To Skyrocket Your Website's Traffic For Free From Pinterest was transformed into a video on How To Rank On Pinterest [4 Easy Steps To Rank On #1 Pinterest]. The best part is that you can even add the new video you create to the blog post to increase the time your audience spends on your page, and to provide more value overall.

7 Genius Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Get More Traffic | Yes To Tech

2. Social Media Post

When promoting your brilliant blog post online, you probably already created a number of graphics to share on your multiple social media channels. However, I doubt you thought about creating an infographic on the subject matter of your blog post to add to social media. Infographics do especially well on Pinterest and Facebook due to their informative and visual nature, and as such get a ton of shares and clicks. Infographics are easy to create with pre-made templates that you can get on Template Monster, Canva and Visme.

7 Genius Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Get More Traffic | Yes To Tech

3. Podcast

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog post you’re dying to read, but get unnerved since you don’t have the time available at that particular moment to read it? That’s where podcasts come in handy. They take otherwise obsolete moments of time, such as when you’re driving, at the gym or even washing the dishes, and transform that into something productive and inspiring. So why not get your written blog post and transform it into audio? You don’t even need extra materials to produce quality audio: the Voice Memo app on your phone will suffice.

4. Email Broadcast

There are two types of email broadcasts you can create: one that stimulates your subscribers to click over to your blog post to read a particular piece of content, and another one that includes everything your audience needs to know about a topic within the body of your email. Let’s talk about this second option. By removing the extra step involved in clicking over to your blog post, and including your blog post content within your email broadcast, your subscribers are able to get all the information they need right then and there. This increases your like, know and trust factors, which in turn makes them more likely to open and read your emails in the future.

7 Genius Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Get More Traffic | Yes To Tech

5. Content Upgrade

Talking about emails, we all want to grow our email lists. There’s no better way than to do that than with a content upgrade. This can be a cheat sheet, checklist or guide on the topic of your blog post, that becomes a stand alone piece of content in its own right that. If you head over to my resources page, you’ll notice that I have a ton of content upgrades on multiple topics. Most of them started off as an extension of a blog post, but I can now promote them online either within the body of said blog post, or on its own landing page.

7 Genius Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Get More Traffic | Yes To Tech

6. Webinar

If you want to easily and naturally sell something to your audience, a webinar is the best place to do so. You can gather all blog posts you’ve written on a particular topic (such as all Pinterest posts) or group together blog posts within the same category (such as all post on traffic generation) and create a webinar using this content to then sell your services, products and affiliate promotions. In my case, using the previous examples, to sell Traffic Takeoff.

7. Online Course (Free or Paid)

A free course gathers all of the ways to repurpose content I mentioned and takes them into overdrive. With a free online course, you’re able to drive traffic, increase your email list, and boost your like, know and trust factors. The content in my free Triple Your Blog Traffic email course, for example, was directly extracted from a webinar script. Extra bonus points if your free course directly links to a sales pitch to your paid course.

7 Genius Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Get More Traffic | Yes To Tech

Now you know 7 genius ways to repurpose a brilliant blog post that are proven to work. Make sure to leave a comment below on which 1 these 7 tactics you’ll be incorporating first to get more leads, traffic and sales.


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