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How To Use Instagram On PC Like Phone: How To Use Instagram On Laptop

To use Instagram on PC like on phone, head over to on your computer and log into your Instagram account. This will redirect you to your Instagram profile.

From here, you'll be able to see all of your posts, Reels, saved posts, and posts you were tagged in. You'll also be able to see your Instagram story highlights, as well as click on "new" to add a new highlight.

Up top, you'll be able to click to edit your Instagram profile, including the options to change your photo, bio, gender, as well as the option of whether you want to show account suggestions and profiles or not.

Over here on the left, you can see how you use Instagram. You can click on notifications and then on push notifications to either pause all, enable likes from everyone, from only profiles you know, or to turn them off.

To show likes and comments on photos of you from everyone, from only profiles you follow, or to turn it off. To view comments from everyone, from only profiles you follow, or turn that off. To turn on or off comments, likes to see first, posts and stories from everyone, from only profiles you follow, or turn that off.

To turn on or off new followers, to turn on or off accepted follow requests, to turn on or off accounts of suggestions, to view mentions in bio from everyone, from only profiles you follow, or turn that off. To turn on or off message requests, to turn on or off group requests, to view messages from individual and group chats from primary and general, from primary only, or turn that off.

To turn broadcast channel invites on or off, to turn broadcast channel messages on or off, to turn social channel messages on or off, to turn original audio on or off, to turn remixes on or off, to turn live videos on or off, to turn recently uploaded reels on or off, to turn most watched reels on or off, to turn add yours on or off, to turn reels made for you on or off, to turn your fundraisers on or off, to turn fundraisers with others on or off, to turn reminders on or off, to turn product announcements and feedback on or off, to turn ad on or off, to turn support requests on or off, to turn sharing places on or off, and to turn birthdays on or off.

Scrolling down here on the left, we can also access tools for professionals. Under professional account, you can change your professional account's category, toggle whether you want to display the category label or not, enter your email and WhatsApp number, as well as your phone number, and toggle how you would like to be reached, either call or text, and toggle whether you wish to display contact info or not.

Under business tools and controls, you can switch to a Creator account or switch to a personal account instead.

When you click on what you see, you can view muted accounts, as well as like and share accounts, which you can turn on or off. Under who can see your content, you can click on account privacy to make your account private.

You can click on close friends to create a close friends list. You can click on blocked to block people anytime from their profiles.

You can click on hide story and live to hide your stories and lives from certain people. And you can also see how others can interact with you. This includes messages and story replies, where you can select message controls and story replies, as well as the option to show your activity status.

Under tags and mentions, you can select who can tag you, allow tags from everyone, allow tags from people you follow, or don't allow tags. You can also have the option to manually approve tags, and you can also select who can mention you, allow mentions from everyone, allow mentions from people you follow, or don't allow mentions.

Under comments, you can either allow comments from everyone, from people you follow, from your followers, or from people you follow and your followers. We can also toggle whether you wish to allow gif comments or not.

Under sharing and remixes, you can toggle the options of what people can share. This includes allow post and real sharing to stories, allow sharing to messages, allow post sharing to guides, allow requests to feature your post in shops, and share story to Facebook.

Under restricted accounts, we can protect yourself from unwanted interactions without having to block or unfollow people you know - you can restrict them anytime from their profiles.

Under hidden words, you can filter certain words, including the ability to hide comments, turn on advanced comment filtering, hide message requests, and manage custom words and phrases.

Under your app and media, you can click on archiving and downloading to automatically save photos and videos to your archive so you don't have to save them to your phone.

Under language, we can change your app language to another language of your choice.

Under website permissions, you can click on apps and websites to view which apps and websites are active, expired, or removed from your Instagram account.

Under supervision, you can access the family center on Instagram, where you can allow a parent or guardian to supervise your teen's Instagram account. You can also click to access more info and support, including Instagram help and Instagram account status.

Let's head back to our Instagram profile and click on view archive up top. From here, you can view all of your archived stories unless you choose to share them.

Heading back, let's click on ad tools up top. From this section, you'll be able to view all of the ads you run on your Instagram account, as well as create your next Instagram ad and access your Instagram ad payment settings.

Heading back to your Instagram profile, you can click on the gear icon to access your Instagram settings directly from your PC. This includes apps and websites, professional accounts, QR code, notifications, settings and privacy, supervision, logout, or cancel.

Now, let's go through these options on the left-hand side panel when using Instagram on your laptop. Under home, you can view your Instagram account just as if you were on your phone. You can scroll down to access your Instagram feed, click on the circles up top to view Instagram stories, as well as view Instagram accounts that are suggested for you.

On the right, under search, we can search for other Instagram accounts directly from your laptop. Under explore, you can access the Instagram explore page directly from your computer.

Under Reels, you can view the Reels feed directly from your PC. Under messages, you can view all of your primary, general, and message requests, as well as click to view any particular message, react to that message, and reply to that message.

Under notifications, we can view all of your notifications, including likes on your photos and follow requests. Under create, you can create a new Instagram post or new Instagram Reel directly from your PC. If we click on new post, you can either click on post or live video.

Let's go ahead and click on post. And then you'll be able to drag and drop photos and videos in the space provided or select them from your computer to add them to your Instagram account.

If we click on the three little lines at the bottom, you'll be able to access even more features from Instagram on your computer. These include settings, your activity, saved, switch appearance, report problem, access the Meta Business Suite, Threads, switch accounts, or log out. When we click on the Instagram icon up top, you'll be redirected to your Instagram home feed.


Unlock the full potential of Instagram by learning how to use it on your PC or laptop just like on your phone! In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use Instagram on PC like a phone and on a laptop seamlessly. Discover how to go live on Instagram, post stories, and engage with your followers using Instagram on your laptop. Don't miss out on the convenience of using Instagram on a larger screen. Watch now to level up your Instagram game!

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