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Manychat Instagram DM Automation: How To Send Automatic Messages On Instagram With An Instagram Bot

We'll be using ManyChat to send automatic messages on Instagram with an Instagram bot. If you don't have a ManyChat plan yet, you can get started for free by accessing ManyChat's basic features to engage up to 1,000 contacts.

All you need to do is click on 'Get Started' when prompted. With what channel you would like to start, click on Instagram and then continue with Facebook.

You'll be prompted to describe yourself by first selecting the type of company you work for. I'll select 'solopreneur' or 'freelancer' and then click on 'Next.'

Since my Instagram account is connected to Facebook, ManyChat already automatically located my Instagram accounts. So, all you have to do is select the one you want to connect with ManyChat and then click on 'Connect.'

If for some reason ManyChat didn't locate your Instagram account, you can either click to refresh the account list or click on the plus sign to connect another Instagram account. You'll receive this notification once your Instagram account has been connected to ManyChat, so let's go ahead and click on 'Next.'

If you wish, you can get started with ManyChat's Pro Plan for free for 14 days by activating the Pro trial. Or you can just start with a free plan instead, which is what I'll do.

ManyChat will then ask you what the primary purpose of creating your account is: either business use, client needs, personal use, educational, or test, or other. I'll select business use and then click on 'Next.'

It will then ask you how you intend to use ManyChat: either for short-term projects, ongoing activities, both, or unsure at the moment. I'll select both and then click on 'Next.'

You'll then be asked what best describes your company: a Creator, e-commerce, local business or place, real estate, other, or you can click on 'Show All' to view all the other available options. I'll select Creator and then click on 'Next.'

ManyChat will then ask you in what ways are you currently monetizing your account: through affiliate programs, promoting your own services, retailing your own physical products, offering digital products like guides, books, etc., or you don't monetize your content, or other. I'll select participating in affiliate marketing programs, promoting my own services, and offering digital products like guides, books, etc., and then click on 'Next.'

ManyChat will also ask you what other marketing and business tools you use for your business. I'll select all of the applicable ones, such as ConvertKit, Google Sheets, Canva, and then click on 'Next.'

Once you're done answering all of these introductory questions, you'll be redirected to your ManyChat dashboard. Since you want to use ManyChat to send automatic messages on Instagram, let's select 'Convert Your Instagram Comments into Sales.'

ManyChat will now show you how this process works. Basically, it's a two-step process. In the first step, you can convert comments into sales by sending your followers a text and a link to buy your products or register for your webinars or events. The second step, you can then maximize your social media presence and drive traffic to your website, leading to higher sales and revenue. So let's go ahead and click on 'Setup Template' to get started.

Basically, this automation is set up by a trigger and then an action. The trigger we'll be selecting is 'User comments on your post or reel.' If you have the ManyChat Pro Plan, you can select any post or reel, or even your next post or reel. If you're using the free plan like I am, you'll need to select a specific post or a reel and then click on 'Select Publication' to choose which one you're referring to.

Let's go ahead and select my most recent Instagram post. Say that in this post's caption, I mention something like 'Comment "video" to send me the link to this video that I refer to in this post'.

You'll select here from the dropdown either 'Comment contains any words' or 'Comment contains specific words.' I'll select 'Comments contain specific words' and change that word to 'video.'

Since people type things in different ways, we can also add 'video' with a capital 'V' or even 'VIDEO' in all caps. You can also exclude certain keywords if you wish and include 'Public Autoresponder in Reply,' which is a great feature if you want to boost your Instagram engagement by increasing the number of comments you receive. So let's toggle this to 'On' and then click on 'Add a New Response.'

We can then say, 'We just sent you the video link to your DM. Hope you enjoy it! 😊' and then click on 'Save.' Now let's edit the action that occurs after someone comments "video" on that specific post.

Let's click on the action and change what it says. For instance, we can say, 'Hi, thanks for your interest in checking out our video on how to add a video in Wix. Here's the link to check it out.' Now when we click on 'Get the checklist,' we can change the button title, such as 'Watch the video now,' and then edit the website URL to the actual URL of the video.

If you want, you can add additional actions, such as adding a tag on a button click by toggling this option to 'On' and then clicking on 'Perform Action.' These actions can include adding a tag, removing a tag, set user field, clear user field, delete contact, set Instagram opt-in, or set Instagram opt-out.

It can also lead to an automation, such as set bot field, subscribe to sequence, unsubscribe from sequence, make external request, or log conversion event. Or even mark conversation as open, mark conversation as closed, assign conversation, or notify assignees.

I'm going to x out of these actions since we don't really need this to set up the automation. Once you're happy with how your action looks like, just click out of it to x out. Now if we click on 'Preview' up top, we can view what this will look like. Let's click on 'Set Live' up top to make this Instagram DM automation active.

As you can see, the automation is now live, and the trigger has been turned on automatically. You can disable it if you wish in the trigger settings if you'd like to stop sending automation to contacts. Now let me share a screen recording of me on Instagram to show you how this works.

All right, so here I am on Yes To Tech's account over on Instagram. I'll go ahead and click on the post in which we set up the automation for, and just as we had mentioned, I'll click to comment 'video' and then click on 'Send.'

Now just like magic, I will have received an attachment just as we had set up. I will have received an attachment that says, 'Hi, thanks for your interest in checking out our video on how to add a video in Wix. Here's the link to check it out.' When I click on 'Watch the video now,' I'll be automatically redirected to that video.

Now if we head back to that post, click on the comments, and then view the reply to that comment, you'll also notice that a comment will automatically be added. You'll notice that a reply will automatically be added to that response when I commented 'video.' I automatically received, 'We just sent you the video link to your DM. Hope you enjoy it.'

I set up the work once, and the automations will now come in over and over again automatically. And it's as easy as that to set up an Instagram DM automation with ManyChat.


Unlock the power of Instagram DM Automation with ManyChat! Learn how to effortlessly send automatic messages on Instagram using an Instagram Bot. Our step-by-step tutorial covers ManyChat Instagram DM Automation, guiding you through the process of setting up and optimizing your Instagram messages. Elevate your Instagram marketing game with ManyChat automation - the ultimate tool for engaging and converting your audience. Whether you're a seasoned ManyChat user or a beginner, this tutorial is your gateway to mastering Instagram DM marketing. Watch now to explore the world of ManyChat Instagram Automation and discover how to boost your Instagram presence. Don't miss out on this invaluable ManyChat tutorial that unravels the secrets of Instagram DM Automation!

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