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Facebook Shop Setup 2024: How To Create Shop On Facebook Page | Facebook Page Shop Setup

To create a shop on Facebook, head over to and then click on "Get Started." Setting up a shop on either Facebook or Instagram is free and only takes a few minutes. Facebook will charge a processing fee for sales you make on Shops.

You get fast and seamless checkout. You can let customers browse and buy directly in-app with checkouts on Facebook and Instagram. Payment credentials are saved for future purchases. You also get access to exclusive features. You're able to tag products in posts and stories, get detailed audience insights, and let shoppers subscribe to your emails.

If you wish, you can also try shop management tools and place test orders to preview the customer experience by creating a test shop. If you're ready to create an actual shop for your Facebook page, click on "Next."

Here, you'll be provided with your shop overview. When you finish setup, you'll need to make sure your shop complies with Facebook's seller agreement before you publish any customizations.

The first step is to select the sales channels. This includes your Facebook page connected to your Facebook shop, as well as the Instagram account if you wish to sell on both Instagram and Facebook.

Make sure these sales channels are correct. If not, click on "Change" on the top right-hand side. This is where you can choose where you want to sell from. You'll be able to manage your shop and add items from any accounts you choose to sell from. Again, feel free to choose your Facebook page and Instagram account, as well as your email address.

When you select the correct business, click on "Next" at the bottom. In the space provided, confirm the business email and then click on "Submit."

This is where you can choose what products you want to sell with your Facebook page. Select a catalog with the products that will appear on your shop. Your catalog is a place where you'll manage details about your items, such as images and website links. If you don't have a catalog already, you can click to create a new catalog, enter the catalog name, and then click on "Next."

Scrolling down, you'll get to the checkout method. This is where you can choose where your customers will check out when purchasing products from your Facebook shop. Let's click on "Change" on the top right-hand side to view which checkout methods are available.

This is where you can give customers a way to pay. Your checkout method determines where customers provide their payment info when they want to make purchases from your shop.

You can either have your Facebook customers check out on another website, where customers can browse your shop on Facebook or Instagram, and when they check out, they'll be directed to your website from an item's details page.

You can have them check out with Facebook or Instagram, where customers will be able to browse your shop and check out directly on Facebook or Instagram; they won't be directed to another website. This is good because there will be reduced friction at checkout, more opportunities to make sales, they'll get exclusive access to creative tools, and you get more email subscribers. If you wish, you can also turn on Shop Pay by Shopify as a payment method, even though that's only available for US-based businesses.

Or, you can also check out with messaging. When customers go to check out, they'll be directed to send your business a message on Messenger or WhatsApp. Customers won't be directed to your website or in-app checkout. Let's select "Checkout on another website" and then click on "Next" at the bottom.

Follow these steps again: click on "Next," confirm the business email address, click on "Submit," enter the new catalog name, and then click on "Next." This will redirect us to the shipping destinations.

This is where you'll choose where you want to ship to. Add countries or regions you ship to. You can add more or edit these later in settings. Shops isn't available in every country or region, so let's select United States, for example, and then click on "Next."

This will redirect us to our Facebook shop preview. In your shop overview, when you finish setup, you'll need to make sure your shop complies with Facebook's agreements before you publish any customizations.

Facebook will show you your sales channels, products, shipping destinations, and checkout method. To continue with your Facebook shop setup, you need to click on this checkbox to submit your shop for review and to agree to Facebook's seller agreement.

When you're done setting up your Facebook shop, click on "Finish Setup" on the bottom right-hand side. Facebook will now be saving your information. This may take up to 30 seconds, so please do not close or refresh this page.

You'll be redirected to your Facebook Commerce Manager, where you'll be able to set up your Facebook shop. In order to get your Facebook shop ready for customers, you'll need to add products to your catalog. Let's go ahead and click on "Add Items."

This is where you can choose your preferred option: either manual, where you fill in a form to manually add items to your catalog; data feed, where you use a spreadsheet or file to add and update your items automatically; or pixel, where you use your meta pixel to automatically add items from your website. I'll select manual and then click on "Next."

There are a number of things that you can add to your Facebook shop item. This includes images, where you can click to drag and drop or upload an image to your Facebook shop. Your images need to be at least 500 by 500 pixels and no larger than 8 megabytes.

You can also enter a short, clear title for your Facebook Shop product, up to 200 characters. A description that describes the features and benefits of the product for your Facebook shop, up to 99,999 characters. The website link and price, including the item's currency.

Feel free to add as many items as you wish to your Facebook shop. Once you're done filling all of these out, click on "Upload Item" on the bottom right-hand side.

I'm going to go ahead and fill all of these sections out as an example. Once you've uploaded your items to your Facebook shop, you can then click to select them to either archive them, delete them, edit them, request a review, create a set, advertise set, or deselect that item.

Let's head back to our Facebook shop overview to view what else we can do. Now that we've added items, we can then click on "Customize Shop" to manage your shop's layout, create collections of items to browse and showcase featured products, and more.

This will redirect you to the Facebook Shop Builder, where you can customize your shop's appearance on Instagram and Facebook. This is where you can create collections to help people explore your shop's catalog, feature products and collections on your homepage to merchandise and showcase your inventory, and edit the colors, text, buttons, and image styles to express your brand. Let's go ahead and click on "Get Started."

Over here on the left, you can see that the layout is what is selected. You can change the layout for the homepage and any other collections that you create. If we scroll down, you can have Facebook optimize your shop's layout for you, where Facebook automatically orders the layouts of your shop for each person based on their interest in shopping activity.

This includes banner offers, the carousel, dynamic product suggestions for you, and the ability to add a feature to collection and more from the shop. Feel free to make as many edits as you wish, and if you change anything, click on "Publish Updates" on the bottom right-hand side.

Under settings, you can change your Facebook shop settings, including its visibility, inventory, tagged content, website content, and categories. Again, if you make any changes to your Facebook shop settings, make sure to click on "Publish Updates" on the bottom right-hand side.

Back in the Facebook Shop Commerce Manager, you'll also be able to view your shop insights, your catalog, your available shops, manage any offers you have, view your top products in the last 28 days on Facebook and Instagram, as well as top tagged content in the last 28 days on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to learn more about Facebook Shop, you can also access the Facebook Shop FAQ section.

And there you have it, an overview of how to set up a Facebook shop.


Welcome to our step-by-step guide on Facebook Shop Setup for 2024! Are you ready to expand your online presence and boost sales? In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a shop on your Facebook page effortlessly. Learn the latest techniques for Facebook Shop Setup 2024 and maximize your business potential. Follow along as we navigate through the process of setting up your Facebook shop from scratch, including adding products and optimizing your shop for success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to tap into the power of Facebook for your business. Let's get started and make your Facebook shop a thriving hub for sales!

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