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Custom Forms In Wix: How To Create Order Form In Wix (Simple)

Make sure you're on the right page within your Wix editor in which you want to create your Wix order form. Then, click on the plus icon from the left hand side panel, "payments", and then on "order", under where it says "payment forms".

Wix offers a number of order forms that you can choose and customize. In order to add a new order form onto your page, just click on it.

A pop-up will appear saying "to accept payments on this form, complete the setup". All you need to do is click on "setup payment form".

Another Wix forms pop-up will appear. Click on "get started". This is where you can set up your payment form.

Under the "get started" step, click on "next". Choose the payment form type: either a single item, where you offer one item for a fixed price, a list of items, where you show a list of items and let visitors select one, or allow visitors to enter the price, where you let visitors enter the amount they wish to pay. Let's select this last option and then click on "next".

Here you can enter the item and price range. Add a field to your form for people to enter the amounts they wish to pay. Enter the item name, such as donation, the default price, such as 20, as well as the price range, such as from 10 to 100, and then click on "next".

This is where you choose how to get paid. You can choose which payment methods you want to connect to your site. Visitors will be able to use them to pay via this form. Just go ahead and click on "connect payment method".

You can either accept credit cards, local payment methods, PayPal, as well as manual payments. I'll select "connect" next to "manual payments".

Select one of the payment types, either manual payments, cash payments, offline payment or cash on delivery. I'll select "offline payment", and then you can let your customers know how to pay. You can add instructions, such as send me an email, and then click on "connect".

Once you've added a payments method to your Wix editor form, click on "continue" up top. It will say that "the payments method is now connected", so all you have to do is click on "next".

If you haven't done so already, you'll need to upgrade to a Wix Premium plan in order to accept payments. Make sure you do that in order to get paid.

Now that you've set up the payment methods of your Wix order form, it's time to customize what your Wix order form looks like. You can click on "form settings" to change its main settings, its actual settings, what the submit message says, payments, which is where we just were, the conditions, contacts, automations, email marketing and to access support.

You can click on "add new field" to add a new contact field, a basic field, an advanced field or even anti-spam. You can click on "layout" to change the layout of your Wix order form, including the text layout or the form layout. You can click on "design" to discover more Wix form designs, and you can click on "animation" to choose an animation to add your Wix order form.

Just like with any Wix element, you can click on any of the existing things that are on your Wix order form to edit them such as the text field, the buttons and the images. Once you're happy with what your Wix order form looks like, make sure to click on "publish" on the top right hand side to make your changes active.


Discover the power of custom forms in Wix and learn how to create an efficient order form in just a few steps! In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of building a customized order form in Wix, optimizing your Wix orders, and streamlining order fulfillment. From application forms to registration and booking forms, we've got you covered. No coding skills required! Watch now and unlock the potential of Wix's form builder. Elevate your website with engaging and user-friendly forms.

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