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ConvertKit Newsletter Tutorial

If you haven't already, sign up for ConvertKit by clicking on the link in the description box. They offer a free plan, so you can explore the platform risk-free.

Click on "Send" from the panel on top, then on "Broadcasts", and then hit the "New Broadcast" button. Choose a catchy subject line. If you wish, you can click on A/B on the right-hand side of the subject line to test two different ones, such as "Unlock the Power of ConvertKit" and "ConvertKit Secrets Revealed".

Compose your email using the intuitive editor. All you need to do is start typing.

From the panel up top, you can change the text type, including paragraph, heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, bulleted list, numbered list or blockquote, make your text bold, italic, underlined or crossed out, change the alignment to left, center, right or justified, change the text size, color and highlight, add a link, link trigger or tag, as well as add personalization, such as subscriber first name, personalized greeting, subscriber email address or subscriber tags conditional.

When you place your cursor within the ConvertKit newsletter editor, this plus sign appears on the left. When you click on it, you can access quick changes you can make, such as paragraph, heading, bulleted list, numbered list, blockquote or personalization.

Scrolling down, you can also access the ConvertKit newsletter actions. These include create a clickable button, recommended other creators, embed a Commerce product, add a list of link buttons and link to your social profiles.

You can also access content blocks, including layout (structure for your content), snippet (reusable content) and divider (separate parts of your email).

From the plus sign, you can add media as well. This includes images, files, videos, galleries, bandsintown and a countdown timer.

Lastly, you can insert your own HTML or CSS code with the HTML block.

Let's go over an example. Say I'm creating a ConvertKit newsletter to promote one of my online courses. I can use ConvertKit's intuitive editor to add an image, button, countdown timer as well as links to my social media profiles with literally a click of a button.

On the right-hand side, where it says "Template", you can click on "Browse templates" to change your ConvertKit newsletter's template to one that you customized, or even to choose another one from ConvertKit's extensive newsletter library.

Before hitting send, make sure to click on "Preview Email" to ensure everything looks great. You can even see what this email will look like for a specific subscriber in your account, andsSend a test email to see how it will look on different devices.

Once you're satisfied with how everything looks, click on the "Continue" button at the bottom. From here, you can edit the "From Address", the email recipients by selecting subscribers matching any, all or none of the criteria you set, which can be further customized by setting filters and filter groups, when would you like to send this ConvertKit newsletter, either now or at a later date and time, insert preview text that appears after the subject line in the inbox, add an internal note that will be displayed throughout the app alongside your subject line, but your subscribers won't see it, as well as toggle whether you wish to post this ConvertKit newsletter to your public feed or not.

Once you're done filling this out, click on "Continue" at the bottom. If you're ready to send or schedule this ConvertKit Newsletter, click on either "Send Broadcast" or "Schedule Broadcast" at the bottom of the popup that appears.


Unlock the power of email marketing with our ConvertKit newsletter tutorial! Whether you're a beginner or pro, discover step-by-step guidance on creating stunning email newsletters, setting up ConvertKit, and designing eye-catching landing pages. Join us to explore the best email marketing software for creators, get email marketing tips, and see a ConvertKit demo. Elevate your email marketing game today!

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Let's look at an illustration. For example, let's pretend I want to advertise one of my online classes with a ConvertKit newsletter.


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