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How To Create And Customize A Landing Page In Minutes With ConvertKit

To create and customize a landing page in ConvertKit, log into your ConvertKit account. Click on "Grow" from the panel up top, and then on "Landing Pages and Forms" at the bottom. Click on the "Create New" button.

Since we want to create a ConvertKit landing page, click on "Landing Page" under where it says, "How do you want to gather subscribers?". Choose a template you want to customize for your ConvertKit landing page. To make things easier for you, you can also filter those landing page templates by category.

Once you've located a ConvertKit landing page template you want to customize, click on it to choose it. You can click on the pencil icon up top to change the name of your ConvertKit landing page so that it better represents what it is.

You can then click on the landing page background to change its general styles. This includes the fonts of its headings, the body font, the background image or color, the form background, and page background color. You can also add custom CSS if you wish.

When you click on the text, you can change the pre-header styles, including its font color, font size, font weight, and letter spacing. The same goes for the header styles, where you can edit the font's color, font size, font weight, and the text styles where you can change the font's color and font size. If you want to change what it says, just select and then edit the text as you normally would in a word processor.

Scrolling down, you can click on the email address to then edit the field styles, including the label, toggle whether that is a required form or not, the font color, border color, border radius, and font weight.

You can also click on the plus icon to add a custom field. This custom field can either be an actual field or a tag. You can then select what that custom field is, such as "First Name," customize the custom field label, toggle whether that's a required field or not, change its font color, border color, border radius, and font weight.

At the bottom, you can click on the "Subscribe" button to edit the button styles, including its font color, background color, border radius, and font weight. Just as before, you can double click on the text and edit it as you normally would in a word processor.

You can also click on the disclaimer styles to edit the font color and font size, as well as click on the plus icon to insert a file, change to header 2, heading 3, numbered list, an ordered list, or a block quote, as well as to insert an image, button, HTML block, divider, countdown timer, video, or product.

Once you're done customizing your ConvertKit landing page, you can click on "Preview" to view what it looks like. Heading back by clicking on "Exit Preview," you can also add a page if you wish to your ConvertKit landing page.

On the right, you can click on "Settings" to edit the landing page settings. This includes General, where you can select what happens when a visitor subscribes. The page can either show a success message or redirect to an external page of your choice.

Under "Incentive," you can toggle whether you wish to send an incentive email from this ConvertKit landing page, as well as edit the email contents that your new subscribers will receive. You can also select whether you wish to auto-confirm new subscribers or not and select what happens after your subscribers confirm – they can either be redirected to your URL or to a download.

Under "Advanced," you can change what's shown to return visitors who have already subscribed to this ConvertKit landing page. They can either continue to see the form, hide the form, or show custom content of your choice. You can also send subscriber data to a thank-you page if you wish, and select to have an invisible reCAPTCHA.

Under "SEO and Analytics," you can add the meta title and description tags used in search results on Google and social media platforms. This includes the title of your ConvertKit landing page, the description, an image, as well as connect your analytics settings.

Once you're done customizing your ConvertKit landing page settings, click on "Save." In order to share this ConvertKit landing page with your subscribers, click on "Publish" on the top right-hand side. From here, you can either share your landing page on Facebook or on Twitter, copy the URL to start collecting visitors and subscribers, or embed your ConvertKit landing page with WordPress using your direct plugin.


In this ConvertKit landing page tutorial, you'll learn how to create and customize a landing page in minutes with ConvertKit! Discover the secrets to designing captivating landing pages that convert visitors into loyal customers. Follow our step-by-step guide as we delve into landing page best practices, customization options, and optimization techniques. Learn how to unleash the power of ConvertKit to create stunning landing pages that leave a lasting impression. Don't miss out on this must-watch tutorial for beginners and experienced marketers alike! Boost your online presence and drive conversions with ConvertKit's intuitive landing page creation tools. Watch now and take your email marketing game to the next level!

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