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Canva Infographic Tutorial: How To Make Infographics In Canva

To make infographics in Canva, log into your Canva account. Click on the search bar and search for "infographics."

Once the infographic option populates, click on it. With Canva, you'll be able to design compelling infographics your fans will love to share. With their selection of Premium infographic templates, you'll be able to take your visual marketing to the next level with sophisticated infographic design.

When you scroll down, you'll view a number of infographic options that Canva offers. You can click on any of these to preview what they will look like.

If you enjoy them, just go ahead and click on "customize this template" to edit the infographic further. This will redirect you to the Cana editor.

If you click on any of the existing items on the page, such as this shape over here, we can then make further edits to it from the white panel that appears up top. For the case of a shape, you can then click to edit the image, crop, flip, change its color, change the border style, add an animation to it, change its position, change its transparency, copy the style, as well as lock it.

If you click on the text, you can then change the text font, font size, color, appearance (bold, italic, underlined, or strike through), make it all uppercase or not, change its alignment, add it to a list, change its line spacing, add an effect, animation, change its position, transparency, and see more options including copy style and lock it.

Let's go over an example. We can click on this shape over here and then change its color to another color of our choice.

We can click on where it says "design process" in the Canva infographic and change that to "Brand process."

We can change the background color to light gray, change the text color to black, and then click on "change all" to make this process even more seamless.

We can change the font to "Now" and then click on "change all" again to make the whole process more consistent.

We can change the color of these designs to match the color of the circle that's around them, and we can change these other texts to black as well.

Just like with any design in Canva, you can click on the options that appear on the left-hand side panel to add additional elements, text, or even photos to your Canva design. Once you are happy with how the Canva infographic looks like, make sure to rename your design up top and then click on "share" on the top right-hand side.

If you wish to save this Canva infographic to your computer, click on "download," choose the appropriate file type, options and color profile, and then click on "download."

If you wish to print this infographic instead, click on "print infographics" also from the top right-hand side. This will ensure that quality infographics will be delivered to your doorstep.

The first step will be to resize your design, so let's go ahead and click on that. Once you have resized your Canva infographic for print, select the pages you want to print, including the front and back, the paper type, paper finish, how many you want to purchase, toggle whether you want to include envelopes in your order or not, and then click on "continue."

You can have Canva automatically fix any issues that your design might have, adjust edges for printing, increase the font size to make it easier for reading, do a final check, and then add your Canva infographic to the cart. You can then create even more Canva infographics or check out.


Discover the ultimate Canva infographic tutorial! Learn how to create captivating infographics in Canva with our easy-to-follow guide. From basic designs to advanced techniques, we'll show you everything you need to know to make stunning infographics that stand out. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, our Canva tutorial is perfect for you. Join us as we explore Canva's infographic tools, including interactive features and animation. Elevate your designs and engage your audience like never before. Watch now and unleash your creativity with Canva!

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Learn how to customize every aspect of my infographic, including shapes, text, and backgrounds, to ensure it aligns with my vision. tunnel rush

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