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Online Business Recap: Tripwire & Facebook Groups

I wanted to share with you some things that have and haven't been working for us here at Yes To Tech.

What has been working?

TRIPWIRE: A tripwire is an offer you make to someone as soon as they sign up to your email list. This should be a one-time, fast action and HIGH VALUE offer at an oh-my-goodness-I-can't-believe-how-cheap-this-is price. For instance, instead of buying Traffic Transformation, cheat sheets + bonuses bundle. for $97, the tripwire (that they can ONLY get to when they sign up for a traffic-related freebie) offers it to them for just $27 (a STEAL).

The secret to a successful tripwire is that it can't be available anywhere else, just after someone opts in, and that it can only be active for a limited amount of time (by that I mean just 15-20 minutes). This fast action element is what makes the tripwire work, because your new audience member is compelled to take action right then and there.

How to set it up: Setting up tripwires is easy peasy.

1. When creating a form for your freebie in ConvertKit, under the form's main settings, instead of showing a success message when someone subscribes, have your visitor be redirected to another page. This page should be your tripwire.

Online Business Recap: Tripwires & Facebook Groups - Yes To Tech

2. I use Leadpages to create this tripwire offer page. The best part is that the countdown timer automatically starts when someone signs up, so you don't need to do any extra work after you set up the automations (passive income, anyone?).

Here's another way to approach a tripwire: instead of having just one offer in place, you can have two limited-time offers in place (which is what I do). Right after someone signs up to one of my traffic-related freebies, they can get Traffic Transformation for $27 (that's 85% OFF) for the next 15 minutes. If they don't take me up on that offer, they then have 3 days, while I send them the welcome sequence (which ConvertKit does automatically, of course), to grab Traffic Transformation for $97 (that's 50% OFF).

I set up an automation in ConvertKit so that only those who DIDN'T purchase Traffic Transformation for $27 see this new $97 offer. At the same time, the tripwire offer pages in Leadpages are set up to automatically go from the $27 sales page, to the $97 sales page, to the regular $197 price sales page, when the countdown timer on each individual page reaches 0.

See it in action:

1. Opt in to any traffic-related freebie on this page (the tripwire will appear after you sign up):


2. Access the special Traffic Transformation for $27 tripwire offer here:

Bottom line: If you want to make passive income, and reduce the amount of time it takes for a subscriber to become a paying customer, setting up a tripwire is the way to go. For a tripwire to be successful, it needs to be a one-time, fast action and high value offer at a low price. You can easily do everything using ConvertKit and Leadpages, and once everything is set up, you can sit back and relax while the $$$ rolls in.

What hasn't been working?

FACEBOOK LINKS: If you've been around for a while, you probably know that my #1 strategy to master Facebook groups to explode my blog's traffic was to post in them multiple times a day, be it to promote my freebies, to promote my blog posts, to answer questions, to promote my social media channels, or for some other reason. I used to post 3 different things at 3 different times PER GROUP per day.

Unfortunately, WAS and USED TO are the keywords here. Facebook changed its algorithm, so now it doesn't allow you to post more than 1 comment with a link per hour. If you do so, it'll delete your 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on) comment, and restart the 1-hour countdown all over again. Not only can't I post 3 different things at 3 different times per group per day like I used to, but also I can't even post 1 thing per group in all of the groups that I'm in on any particular day.

(If you're wondering what I'm talking about, I used to comment with a link multiple times a day in all of the Facebook groups in this spreadsheet).

Get the FREE SPREADSHEET with the 100+ reigning Facebook groups for bloggers with all their promo and blog post threads instantly:

As you might have guessed, this drastically decreased my blog's traffic from Facebook. Just so you have an idea, Facebook used to be my #1 source of traffic from social, and now Pinterest has taken over (stay tuned for Thursday's video tutorial, which is all about how to rank #1 on Pinterest). This goes to show how important it is to diversify your traffic sources.

Bottom line: Don't keep all of your eggs in the same basket. If a social media platform suddenly changes its rules, like Facebook recently did, you need to have an action plan in place to drive traffic to your blog. Remember: the only social platform that you have 100% control over is email. If all social media platforms went away, your email list will continue to be the main destination where you can consistently build trust, promote your content, and drive sales.


TRIPWIRE FUNNEL: How to Create a Tripwire Landing Page For Your Tripwire Sales Funnel. Looking for trip wire funnel secrets on how to create a tripwire funnel for the perfect tripwire? In this video we’ll talk about tripwire funnels for different kinds of products, such as for ecommerce trip wire products and tripwire e-commerce funnels so that you can create tripwire offers and connect them to an email marketing tripwire sequence. We’ll go over a funnel example and tripwire example so you can create a tripwire and tripwire sequence using ConvertKit and Leadpages which is as good as a Clickfunnels tripwire.




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