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YouTube Promotion Beta Results Revealed: I Paid To Promote Video On YouTube So You Don't Have To

A couple of weeks ago, I paid YouTube to promote this video using their new YouTube Promotions Beta tab. This is what they promised me: with the $100 ad spend I would pay them, they would show this video to people in the US, India, UK, Canada, and Philippines. And as a result, I'd get 400 to 500 views. Did they deliver on this promise? Keep watching to find out.

Here are my channel-wide analytics during the period in which the YouTube promotion ran. I received around 36,000 views, had a watch time of around 500 hours, gained over 4,000 subscribers, and had an estimated revenue of almost three hundred dollars.

Just so you have an idea of how my results were before I ran this YouTube ads promotion, well, in terms of views, it's very clear that they drastically increased. I was getting around 1,300 views per day, always a bit lower on the weekends. And when the promotion started, this had to jump to around 2,000 daily views, 2,600 daily views, 2,700-800 around that.

In terms of watch time, it pretty much stayed the same. There wasn't this huge increase, and you'll soon discover why when I do a deep dive into the exact video I promoted.

In terms of daily subscribers, there was also a huge increase. I was getting about 5-6 subscribers per day, and once this promotion started, that number increased to around 200-300-400 daily subscribers.

When it comes to revenue, rather than seeing an increase, I saw a plateau/decrease. So, on the better days, I was getting around forty dollars, whereas when the promotion started, there was a day that I got even $13, and the highest number when the promotion ran was around $30 per day.

It's also interesting that YouTube put this notice at the top of my analytics, saying that the paid ads that I ran increased my channel views by 66% in the last 28 days. My channel got 51,956 views, which is more than the 28,000 to 34,500 views it usually gets in that time period.

Now, let's head over to the Content tab so that I can show you the exact results that this promotion got. Alright, so I just clicked on the YouTube Promotions Beta tab, and as you can see here, the status of the promotion has ended. I spent a total of $100 and 27 cents, which is 27 cents over the amount that they had said it would spend. I had 760,744 promotion impressions, 19,225 promotion views (way over the 400 to 500 views that they had promised), and I gained, as a result, 2,810 promotion subscribers.

Now, if you just look at this promotion in terms of views, you'll think, "Wow, this was an amazing promotion!" So, since YouTube way over delivered on what they promised using this YouTube Promotions Beta tab, and as a result, I got way more subscribers and promotion impressions. However, let's head over to this specific video so that we can better analyze those results.

On the specific video analytics page, you can see that it says that I got over 19,000 views, had a watch time of around 73 hours, gained 120 subscribers (which is wrong since we know that I gained way more than that), and I gained, as a result, an estimated revenue of 5.32 cents. If you think that I spent $100 to get five dollars, well, that wasn't exactly worth it.

Now, looking here at the real-time data in the last 48 hours, the majority of my views came from YouTube advertising using the YouTube Promotions tab. Very slight views came from Channel Pages, very few came from YouTube search, and practically nothing from direct or unknown sources.

If we scroll down, we can see here a better breakdown of the traffic sources for this video and how viewers found it. So, 99.4% of views, which is over 19,000 of those views, came from YouTube advertising. 0.2% came from YouTube recommendations, which equals about 30 views. 0.1% came from external sources, which equals 20 views. 0.2% came from Channel Pages, which equals 17 views, and 0.2% came from other sources, which equals 43 views.

Now, here is the most interesting part. When we get to the key moments for audience retention, the average view duration of this video, which was 3 minutes and 26 seconds long, is just 6.6%. As you can see down here, only 11% of viewers are still watching it around the 30-second mark, which is below typical metrics for people watching my videos. This gray line over here represents my usual channel average, and for this specific video, you can see that it is way below what my usual channel average is.

So, as we were talking about earlier, although I got way more views than I was anticipating using the YouTube Promotions Beta tab, those views didn't really convert. The subscribers were clicking the Subscribe button, but they weren't actually sitting down, watching, and enjoying this content.

Let's click on the Reach tab to do an even deeper deep dive into this video. As you can see here, the video gained about 1,500 impressions. The average click-through rate was just 2.6%, which is almost three times lower than the average click-through rate of my entire channel over the last 28 days. I steadily gained more and more views, and there were loads of unique viewers.

Heading over to the Engagement tab. Watch time also slowly increased per day, but the average view duration went way down. This here was the average view duration before the promotion started, so it was about 1 minute and 19 seconds long. Once the promotion started, it went down to 20 seconds, 15 seconds, 14 seconds, and just kept going down and down and down from there. Also, this video had way more dislikes compared to my channel average. On average, there's a 94.2% like-to-dislike ratio, whereas on this specific video, there was a 75.7% like-to-dislike ratio.

If we head over to the Audience tab, we can see that most of the viewers who were watching this video were new people. And if we scroll down over here, we can see that most of them are male compared to female. They are mostly 25 to 34 years old. And if we head over to this top geography section, we can see the exact location of where those views were coming from. Let's click on "See More" to better understand that.

If we scroll down, we'll see that the top geographies are India, Philippines, and the US. So, although they promised that they would show this video to people in the US, India, and Philippines, which they, in fact, did, they didn't really show this ad to people in Canada and the UK. Additionally, there wasn't an equal distribution between those locations. The majority of the views were coming from India, with very few coming from the Philippines and even fewer from the United States.

Now, if you close out of this geography section and head over to Revenue, we can see that this video earned 5.32 cents since it was published. When we click on "See More" under this "How You Make Money" tab and sort by geography, we can see that those viewers from India, although a large number, had a really low average view duration, whereas those in the United States, although very few in terms of views, had a way higher average view duration.

Now, if you look at this video performance section, we can see that the number of views, although high, led to a very low RPM, which is the revenue for every 1000 views. The RPM for this video was 29 cents. When compared to my channel's RPM over the last 28 days, that number is way lower, since channel-wide, my RPM was 13.88.

Based on these results, you may be asking yourself, "Well, is it worth it to run a YouTube promotion using the YouTube Promotions Beta tab?" Well, here's what I'd do differently. Once I run another YouTube promotion, rather than setting the audience to my top five geographies, I'd focus the promotion on the geographies that gave me a higher watch time.

As a result, which includes the United States, the UK, and Canada. I'd possibly even set the language to English. Although this may lead to a lower number of views, it may increase the impression click-through rate as well as the average view duration and consequently increase the estimated revenue I receive for that video.

Now, I'd love to hear from you. Will you be running a YouTube promotion using the YouTube Promotions Beta tab, or don't you think it's worth it? Let's start a conversation down in the comments. If you haven't watched the video on how I set up this YouTube promotion using the YouTube Promotions Beta tab, I'll leave the link on the screen right now so you can check it out. Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you in the next one.


In this groundbreaking video, I unveil the untold truth behind YouTube Promotion Beta. Discover the jaw-dropping results as I share my firsthand experience of paying to promote a video on YouTube. Unveiling the secrets of YouTube's promotion algorithm, I expose the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Get ready for eye-opening insights, surprising revelations, and game-changing strategies that will revolutionize your YouTube journey. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from my experiment, saving you time, effort, and money. Hit that play button and join me on this extraordinary adventure into the world of YouTube promotion!

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