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YouTube Promotion Beta: How To Promote Your YouTube Video With YouTube Promotions Beta

Are your YouTube views, watch time, subscriber counts, and revenue going down? Well, it may be because of this new YouTube algorithm update. As you can see, I was doing a deep dive of my analytics of the last 365 days, and instead of growing, my YouTube channel has decreased: 27% in terms of views, 31% in terms of watch time, 56% in terms of subscribers, and my revenue is also down.

I was chatting with my friend Bill about this issue, and he even sent me this video by Fran Blanche saying that YouTube is now pay-to-play. Well, what does that mean for you?

Just like Meta has its Ads Manager for Facebook and Instagram, and TikTok for business has its own Ads Manager, if you head over to your content tab, you'll notice that YouTube now launched its Promotions Beta tab. I've never used YouTube promotions before, so in this video, I thought that we could do a first impression of how you can grow your channel's popularity and engagement by promoting your videos on YouTube.

So, over here on this Promotions tab on YouTube, you can see that it says that running a promotion helps attract new viewers who can boost your subscribers, views, likes, and other engagements with your channel. You can even click to learn more about promotions. But let's go ahead and click on "Get Started" to see how these YouTube promotions work.

To create a new video promotion on YouTube, the first thing that you have to do is select which account you want to use from the drop-down menu. You can either click your existing Google Ads account or create a new account. Let's select my existing Google Ads account and then click on "Next."

Now, it asks you which video you want to promote. All you have to do is select a video from your channel. No need to create a new video, select one that you've already created. So, let's go ahead and click on "Add" and see what pops up. I'm going to go ahead and select my most recent YouTube video.

Over here, you can edit the promotion headline and description if you wish. Editing your promotion's headline or description won't change your video title or channel name on YouTube. I'll keep the promotion headline as is, but I want to change the promotion description to part of the description of that exact Facebook video.

You'll see that the video will be placed among other videos on the YouTube app home feed, YouTube search results, and YouTube watch next. Once you're done filling out the video section, go ahead and click on "Next."

Alright, so next up is targeting who will see your promotion. Your promoted video will be shown to viewers like yours, or to people who watch or search for content that's like your channel. You can select which countries you want your promotion to show to. In my case, YouTube automatically plays the top five countries that watch my YouTube videos: the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, and Philippines. You can also click on the "Show to viewers who speak these languages" section to show your promotions to all languages or not to include any specific languages. Let's go ahead and click on "Next" and see what else is up.

Alright, so over here is the budget section. You have an option to select the currency, the total budget, as well as the end date. These are YouTube's suggestions, so what it automatically populated when I entered this budget section is that I spend a total budget of $200 or an average of $13.33 per day until my selected end date, which is also their suggestion. But basically, for $200, you're seeing that I'll be able to get 800 to 1,000 views. Let's just try things out and change this total budget and see what else happens.

So, let's decrease it to $50, for instance. So, for $50, it says that I'll be able to get 200 to 250 views. But promotions with a total budget of at least $100 tend to have better performance. And then it'll also say that I'll spend an average of $3.33 per day. What if we increase this to $400, for example, which is twice as much as what they had initially suggested? So, as you can see over here, it says that I'll be spending an average of $26.67 per day until my selected end date, and I'll be able to get 1,600 to 2,000 views for those $400. So, if we cut this down to $100, it'll be about 400 to 500 views, which is exactly a quarter of that when it was $400. So, let me start this new YouTube promotion with a $100 budget and see how things go. I'm going to go ahead and click on "Next."

When I clicked on "Next," I got this warning in the video section, saying that my headline or description doesn't comply with the Google Ads policies. When I click on "See details," it says that it's due to the capitalization, because excessive capitalization isn't allowed in ad text. So, let's go ahead and change this so that it's not capitalized, then click on "Next" to head back to the targeting section and next to the budget section, then "Next" and see if we can get to billing.

Yes, so now it says I need to enter my payment info. Let's select the country from the drop-down menu. Over here, it'll provide you with your payments profile, which you can then click to change if you wish and create a new payments profile. And then add a payment method, which can be your checking account, a credit or debit card, PayPal, or even a bank account. I'm going to add my credit card details, and I'll see you back here in a bit.

Alright, so I just entered my payment method for this YouTube promotion, and over here, you'll see that you'll be charged on the first of each month or anytime your balance exceeds an amount known as your billing threshold. So, in order to promote this YouTube video using YouTube's built-in YouTube promotions, let's go ahead and click on "Promote."

So, over here in this Promotions Beta tab, now you'll be able to see your promotion. The video that you're promoting, the status (in my case, it's pending), the cost, the promotion impressions, promotion views, and promotion subscribers. Just for reference, as of the time that I'm recording this video, the YouTube video that I'm promoting using YouTube promotions has 37 views, 0.8 hours of watch time, 606 impressions, and a 2.5% impression click-through rate, and an average view duration of 1 minute and 22 seconds.

Heading back to the YouTube Promotions Beta tab, if we click on "Details," you can then view that YouTube video's promotions analytics, status, the promoted video, edit the promotion headline and description, see where it appears, as well as how much you're spending and the end date of your promotion. If you change any of these settings, make sure to click on "Save" on the top right-hand side to make your changes active.

I'm now going to let this YouTube promotion run and see what happens. If you're interested in seeing the results of this YouTube promotion in two weeks when this ad is done, make sure to subscribe and leave me a comment letting me know down below.

So, will you be using the YouTube Promotions Beta tab? What do you think of this new YouTube update? Let me know in the comments down below, and let's start a conversation about this new YouTube feature. I hope you enjoyed this video, and I'll see you in the next one.

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Theo Hernandez
Theo Hernandez
18 lug 2023

It's a cool article. I think it's high time YouTube came up with something new to increase views and attract new viewers for channels, because this approach is outdated. To be honest, I prefer to watch obs alternatives for live streaming, i.e. to watch the competitors of the same YouTube, those competitors who bring some new ideas to the industry and develop the streaming aspect of their resource, which positively affects the future of the service. Still, I can't help but note YouTube's intentions to innovate, so I want to express my respect for them for starting to move from a dead stop.

Mi piace

This is a great article, exactly what I was looking for, because when I expanded my channel, namely making it international, I had to switch to another language, but it's good that I have a very cool English-to-German translator who helped me adapt the content to the region I needed much faster. And now your post adds a lot of value to my channel development, so thank you very much for that, I appreciate every post you make, you have a great impact on the development of people in the tech world.

Mi piace
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