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YouTube Membership: How To Make Membership On YouTube

In order to create a YouTube membership, you first need to ensure you have at least 1,000 subscribers and are a YouTube Partner. To create a YouTube membership, click on your profile picture on the top right-hand side of YouTube, and then click on YouTube Studio. From the panel on the left, scroll down until you reach the "Earn" section, and then click on "Memberships" up top.

The first thing you need to do is set up your membership offer, where you can create a single membership level or offer multiple levels and prices. Have fun coming up with unique perks to reward members at each level. Let's go ahead and click on "Start." YouTube offers a number of templates that you can work with. This includes one level, three levels, four levels, or even start from scratch.

Since we're just starting out with YouTube memberships, let's click on one level to make things easier, and then click on "Next." Here's where you can tailor your offer to work for you as well as your viewers. Spend the time customizing your offer now, and consider these best practices: Use YouTube features and other apps that connect to memberships to help provide perks, offer perks that you think can deliver consistently and to a growing number of members, consider returning members, provide perks that keep them coming back each month, and offer something extra for your members rather than taking things away from regular viewers.

To set up your membership offer, click on "Edit" at the bottom, insert a level name such as "All Access Pass," insert a monthly price by first selecting your currency, and then the actual price. YouTube even offers ideas for low-level, medium-level, high-level, and Super Fan level pricing, including the most popular options within each one. Let's select $4.99, which is one of the popular medium levels, and then add the perks. These can include loyalty badges, emojis, photos and status updates, early access to new videos, member shoutouts, and priority reply to comments, as well as any other perk you may want to add.

These other perks may include a custom perk from scratch, video perks such as exclusive members-only videos or early access studio videos, live stream perks such as members-only live chats or members-only live streams, community perks such as member shoutouts, members-only polls, priority reply to comments, members-only chat rooms, gameplay with you, and connecting on social media, post perks such as photos and status updates, exclusive wallpapers, and exclusive gifts, or even other perks such as discounted merchandise, and virtual video collaborations.

If you want to delete any of these existing perks, just click on the trash can to delete it. You can also customize any of these perks by clicking on the arrow next to each one and including the perk title, perk description, and perk instructions if you wish. Once you're done editing your level, click on "Done" at the bottom. If you're happy with what your YouTube membership offer looks like, click on "Next."

Now all you have to do is submit your draft for review. Before you decide whether to turn on memberships, your perks will be reviewed with YouTube's policies. They'll email you with the results, usually within 24 hours. When everything looks good, you'll be able to launch memberships. Double check whether everything looks okay, and then click on this checkbox to understand that once your offer is reviewed and approved, you'll be able to change prices. If you wish to introduce a new price, you can create a new level and/or delete any existing level, though deleting a level will cancel existing memberships at that level.

Once you're happy with your YouTube membership offer, click on "Submit for Review" at the bottom. A popup will appear talking about the next steps, which is the review process. Again, it will state that your perks will be reviewed, usually within 24 hours, and YouTube will email you with the results. When everything looks good, you'll be able to turn on memberships. Click on the checkbox to ensure that your membership offer, including your perks, does not and will not promote hate or violence, are not dangerous or illegal, and fully comply with YouTube's channel membership's policy, terms of service, and community guidelines. Violations could result in strikes and/or account termination.

If you agree with all that, click on "Submit." Now that we've set up our memberships offer, we can see that it is in review, and 33% of our membership process is complete. While we wait for our membership offer to be reviewed, we can also customize default perks, members-only badges, and emojis, which makes it easy to help your biggest fans stand out from the crowd. With member recognition, you can make more people feel special with less effort.

Let's go ahead and click on "Start." There are a number of default works that we can customize. These include badges, emojis, and optional features. Let's start off with badges. Members get a special badge next to their username for comments and live chats of your channel to recognize loyal fans. The badge changes the longer they're a member. You can either upload your own badges or use generic YouTube badges. If you wish to upload your own, just make sure that you upload badges that are in the supported formats, including GIF, PNG, or JPG. The minimum size is 32x32 pixels, and the upload size should be less than 1 Megabyte, aspect ratio 1:1.

You can customize your badges for new members, members that are part of your membership after 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, or even 48 months. I'll select "Use generic YouTube badges" instead, which are all these little stars in different colors, and then let's click on "Next."

This is where you can upload your emoji. Emojis are fun graphics that members can use in live chat and comments on your videos. You can upload ones that help fans express emotions, reactions, or share inside jokes. Your emoji will appear in the emoji picker. Your members can also use emoji in comments and live chat by typing one colon immediately before and after the emoji name. For example, if the emoji name is "wow," members can type :wow: to make it appear. The supported formats are GIF, PNG, and JPG. The minimum size is 32x32 pixels, the upload size is less than 1 Megabyte, and the aspect ratio is 1:1.

In order to enter an emoji, you need to first name your emoji, then select an image. As you gain more members, you can upload and share even more emojis. If you wish, you can also click on "Advance" to create a unique family name. Members can use this family name to quickly autocomplete your emoji while typing.

Let's go ahead and click on "Next" to access optional features. When membership is turned on for your channel, you can change these settings anytime. These include recognition on your channel page, where there's a section with members' profile pictures if you have 8+ members. You can also have recognition within your video descriptions, which has a section with members' profile pictures if you have 8+ members, and also include member Milestone chats. For each month of membership, members can earn a highlighted message to send in live chat.

Once you're happy customizing your default perks, click on "Save" at the bottom. As you can see, the "Customized Default Perks" section is now done, whereas the "Set Up Your Memberships Offer" is still in review. But now, we're 83% complete in the process of setting up our YouTube membership. Once our membership offer has been reviewed, I'll come back here to show you what else you need to do.

This here was the email I received when my YouTube membership was still in review. Once the YouTube membership review was approved, this was the email I received: "Congratulations! You're one step closer to launching memberships on your channel and to reaching your fans in new and exciting ways." Now, all that's left to do is head to YouTube Studio to finish setting up your channel memberships.

So, let's go ahead and click on "Go to YouTube Studio." As you can see, the membership offer has now been approved, and the default perks have been customized. The last step, since now 100% of the YouTube membership setup has been complete, is to click on "Turn On." You're now ready to start welcoming new members to your channel.

So, what will happen next? A "Join" button will appear on your video and channel pages. Anyone who clicks on it will see your membership offer. What should you do? You should announce your new channel membership to your audience and tell them about the exclusive perks they get access to if they join. And you should also get ready to start delivering the perks you promised and post to members regularly so they feel special.

If you agree with all that, go ahead and click on "Turn On." Now that you have your YouTube membership set up, you'll be able to view your key analytics, including the revenue, total members, members gained in the last 31 days, as well as cancellations in the last 31 days. Over here on the right, you can edit your membership offer, including the membership levels, and have the ability to customize default perks.

If you wish, you may also add an intro video. A graph here will also appear with the number of members, including total members and active members. YouTube will provide you with best practices, including creating up to six price levels and adding a membership link to your video description. You'll be able to view your recent member activity, recent comments by members, and recent videos that members joined on, as well as view resources and links to share.

Now, if you want one of your existing videos to be members-only, just select the video. Over here on the right, where it says "Visibility," click on the downward-pointing arrow next to where it says "Save or Publish," and then click on "Members Only." This will guarantee that your video will only be available to members. If you're offering as a perk early access to your videos, you can click on "Schedule" instead. And instead of from "Private" to "Public," you can select from "Members Only" to "Public." Then make sure you select the date and time you want your video to go from "Members Only" to "Public," and then make sure to click on "Done" at the bottom and then on "Save" up top.


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