The Anatomy Of A Kickass About Me Page

The Anatomy Of A Killer About Me Page - Yes To Tech

The about me page on your website is where your visitors will go to get a taste of ‘the face’ behind ‘the business’. It needs to be well-crafted since it is one of the main deciding factors as to whether those visitors will resonate with you or not, and thus decide to stick around or flee. The pressure is on, and so many of you struggle or even procrastinate to write one. Fret not. Together we will craft the perfect about me page for your website. Get ready to blow your visitors’ minds.

1. Remember that even though you are writing an about me page, it is actually all about them

You need to mention who you are and what you do in relation to how you are going to help your visitors. What can they expect to learn? Who can you help and who can you not? What do you believe in? Basically, you should be answering for them ‘what’s in it for me?’. Have them imagine their story in your story.

2. Connect it to a call of action

Many people forget about this, but even on your about me page you can convert those one-time visitors who connected with you into long-term fans. Add a call to action at the end (or even multiple times throughout if you are writing a long one) to your about me page. This will give them the opportunity to get more resources from you and join your tribe. It is the logical next step that they should take to learn more about you.

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3. Let your personality shine

If you are formal, be formal. If you are playful, be playful. Although your about me page should be directed at your visitors, it should also have your personality infused in it. Even if they have never met you in real life, they should feel as if they have just by reading about you online. Think about your tone of voice, the words and phrases that you use, and include those throughout. The same goes for the photo you include. Pay attention to the way you dress and your expression, since those should also be thought out to attract your ideal audience

4. Structure it for success

Your about me page should be permeated with emotion and help solve a problem that your visitors think is hard to accomplish by themselves. They should be captured by a hook, know if what you do is directed at them, know what they can expect from you, understand why you are qualified and learn about your story.

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