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Make Money Online 2024: From Plan To Product So You Can Earn Your First $500 In The Next Month!

MAKE MONEY ONLINE: From Plan To Product So You Can Earn Your First $500 In The Next Month! If you want an exact plan of action to help you learn smart money tactics to go from plan to product so you can earn your first $500 in the next month in passive income and working from home, then this is for you. We'll talk about how to make money online with work from home jobs, affiliate marketing for beginners with the best affiliate programs to refer and earn, and everyday money tactics so that you can earn money online.

In this free live training we'll be sharing with you how you can go from plan to products so that you can make money online fast, even if you're a beginner. This is going to be a fast paced training with no pitch, no sales, no nothing, just pure value, and we'll be sharing our experiences of what it's really like to be an entrepreneur.

I'm here with Rachel and today we'll be sharing the six secrets so that you can abandon your nine to five as well as the six ways that you can make money online fast so that you can earn your first, or even your next, five hundred dollars within the next month.

So we'll be getting started with the very first myth about starting an online business which is you need to be tech savvy, and that couldn't be further from the truth because guess what i'm not tech savvy either. My background has nothing to do with tech.

I actually studied marketing and finance at university, and we just got started by doing and using particular softwares that do not require code at all like the web construction platform I use is drag and drop, the graphic design software that I use is also drag and drop, the email marketing platform that I use is drag and drop as well, so basically, if I can do it ,you can too.

You do not need to be tech savvy at all. Rachel do you have any experience with this? Yeah I still relate because a few years back in my corporate job I was like, okay, I want to grow my online business, I want to make money online, but I'm not tech savvy, like I don't know anything about technology at all. But for me, it was literally just taking these tiny, tiny steps and just learning online and watching a YouTube video, and just how to do this, and how to create the audio, and how to do video, and how to record.

I had no idea, zero, zero, and I still feel like I don't have a lot of technical skills, but still it's like just learning every step of the way, and if you're thinking right now, because I could think, I'm too old, this is for younger people, I'm not a 20 year old anymore, right? I'm 40 plus, how do I, how do I, but it's literally just stop thinking that and start doing, and start taking really small steps of, okay, let's just watch one tutorial and let's just see how I created this, and let's just do a test and do one video and one audio and then you're like, oh, it sounds like crap, and it just doesn't look like anything, but it's just like doing these small little things and and yeah look at where we are now, you know?

It's just if if I hadn't started doing one tiny step I would have never been living the life that I have now so, yeah, just tiny steps. And talking about tiny steps, let's dive right into a very tiny step that you can take today to start earning money online, and that is through affiliate marketing.

So just take a step back and think about the softwares that you use, the platforms that you're a member of and that you can share with your own audience. I'm actually an affiliate for all of the software's that I personally use and recommend, and I create content on them and get a commission if someone makes a sale through them.

You can do that as well, and not only with your own products or with other people's products and services, but think about courses that you're a member of that you can join the affiliate programs of as well. I'm a member of Rachel's affiliate program, and that goes the other way around.

If you do have a product already, rather than just selling it by yourself, why not have other people sell it for you as well? It's yet another way to boost the way you earn money online.

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The second secret and what holds people back from escaping your nine to five is really the question, "I don't know what I want, I don't know where to start". I was there a few years ago. I had no idea.

I knew I wanted to travel the world. I knew I wanted to be a digital nomad, earn money online, live a laptop lifestyle, and I had no idea where to start. The answer really, starts with you, and I know it's simple, but let me explain.

So it starts with you. I just kept asking everyone around me, "what should I do, how can I earn money online", and then Googling and seeing what can I do, and then all these million ideas came up, but the answer is really within myself. As soon as I started thinking, okay, what is it that Rachel wants? And what Rachel wanted was freedom, the big keyword, and the keyword that comes back for me over and over is I want freedom.

I want to be able to do what I want, where I want, when I want. That for me was my big, big, big thing, so it really starts the sooner you know and analyze you, and know what you want. That's when you can start looking at setting a destination.

You can't navigate to a destination if you don't know your location right now. It's the same thing if you don't know who you are, you don't know where you can go to, so it really starts with you and knowing who you are. I don't know if you recognize, "I don't know what I need to start?".

I felt that right when I got started. I was, like, "what the heck should I do, am I doing the right thing?", but what we figured out is that you just need to start and figure out what you want, what you desire, what's inside of you, and for me it was many of the similar things as you. I wanted freedom. I wanted to be able to travel. I did not want to wake up with an alarm clock ever again, like throw that alarm clock out of the window and, never, ever use it again.

The how was something that I only learned by doing, by just going out experimenting and seeing how things evolved. One really important thing here is don't worry about the how, but first start with what is it that you want, and then we'll figure out the how, so I want to also share my way of earning.

The second way to earn money online is coaching and consulting, and the reason I say that is because it's easy, it's simple and it's no investment at all because if you know who you are, and you know what your skills and experience and strengths are, which you all have, everyone is unique everyone has a sets of skills and strengths, you can use that to coach other people who want that.

You can do some consulting work. It could be finance, accounting, it could be I'm a coach and I coach other people to escape their job, because I figured out that path and now I can help other people doing that. It could be so many things, but coaching and consulting is an easy way to start earning money online.

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Let's get to the next myth about starting an online business, which is a huge one, and that is it costs a lot of money to get started online, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It doesn't cost a lot of money. It doesn't even cost a little money. It costs zero dollars, or zero whatever currency you're in, to get started online.

What you need is actually a funnel to come through with that content, so that you sell whatever it is that you wish to sell. At the very top of the funnel is free valuable content, such as the content that we are publishing right now on YouTube.

Youtube is great for that because, guess what, it is also free. After that you need to gather those people who are watching your videos, and send them an email with something valuable so that you can nurture this relationship that you have with them. You can use an email marketing platform, like Mailchimp or ConvertKit, which, guess what, are also free.

After you've got those people on your email list and you've nurtured them, you can go ahead and give them this one time fast action offer that they cannot resist through a tripwire, and we'll be sharing which tool we use for that in just a bit. So, Rachel, can you relate with anything I just said?

When you mention the no cost and no money, that's exactly how I wanted to start. Zero money, zero investment - I want to make money online, I don't want to spend money. But the thing is that when you Google and you research, there's so many people, and so much noise and distraction, like oh you have to buy this and buy this program and have a fancy website and just invest in this affiliate program and all of that, and that's the thing to remember.

No you don't need any of that. You can literally start making money without all the fancy bells and whistles. Maybe later on when you have some money you can invest in other things and get fancier, but in the beginning: no, no, no.

I just keep telling my clients that too, like “Oh Rachel, do I need this, do I need to learn that?”. No, no, no, no you don’t. You have it in you. You have strengths and experience in you to use that.

So if you're sitting there and you're wondering, “Okay. I’m going to give coaching a try” or “I’m going to create a course, I’m going to create a digital product to sell online, but how the heck do I go about getting started?”. That is where Teachable comes in, because Teachable is a free platform.

You do not need to pay for Teachable at all in order to get started selling whatever it is you wish, be it a digital product a workbook a spreadsheet or whatever it is. You can get started for free. They just charge a larger percentage of the sale, but you don't need to put any money up front at first.

By the way, if you don't know who Marina is and you're live now, then her channel is all about tutorials, the technical things. If you want to learn anything because we're talking about, llike how to make money online and you want to learn how to do it and take these small steps.

Her channel is all about tutorials on website creation, on how to create a website, Leadpages, Convertkit, Mailchimp, sales funnels, all of it, like any tutorial that you want, that's the channel you're watching right now.

If you're here in my channel and wondering who is Rachel and why is she here sitting next to me, it's because Rachel just made the leap from corporate and is now living that beautiful life of location independence that we all dream about. Over on Rachel's channel she talks all about if you want to go from that like stuffy nine-to-five job where you're just staring at the clock, and you can't wait for the time for it to strike five and you can get out of there running as fast as possible, and you want to take this leap into what currently is the unknown, but you want to do that in a safe way without just going without any clear direction, she provides you the direction so that you can live a life of freedom and a life that you love on your own terms.

This brings me to the next secret, which is what you also mentioned earlier, the overwhelm and the lack of clarity. That is what keeps a lot of people in their job and stuck because there's so much out there, there's so much information, you Google “how to make money online” and “how to earn money” and “how to escape my job”, and there's a wealth of information, which creates overwhelm, which creates confusion.

A lot of the clients come to me saying, “I’m a multi-passionate. I want to do different things. I don't know how to choose”, and that's exactly what I had too. I am a multi-passionate, so I learned that one, it's okay, you can be a multi-passionate like I am on YouTube. I’m creating courses, but I’m also a coach.

I have a variety of things. I’m an author. I’m a TedX speaker, and it's okay. You can be doing multiple things. Being overwhelmed is just because you lack the clarities.

If you go back to my first secret about where to start, it starts with you. Once you know who you are and what you want, you have so much more clarity that the overwhelm will really vanish.

First you can be multi-passionate, and second is test and try. If you think, “Hey, I want to be a teacher or tutor”, then go and do it. That's how I started.

I started with teaching languages because I speak a lot of languages, and tutoring cultural differences in other countries, because I was traveling and moving abroad. I started with that. I’m no longer doing that, but it's testing and trying and getting your feet in the online world.

I don't know if the overwhelm resonates with you? It really does resonate, especially if you go back to the beginning of my journey when I started an online business. You would never see me on YouTube. I was all about blogging.

I thought I was doing it all right: I was creating pillar content and I was creating the freebies and growing my email list and doing webinars and the website. But I was doing all of this, but not getting anything in return. My audience wasn't really growing, my revenue wasn't growing, and I was like “what the heck am I doing wrong?”.

It wasn't until I switched gears and started on YouTube that everything shifted in return. Shifting is fine. You need to try, you need to test, or else you'll never know what actually works.

Go ahead and keep those comments coming and like the video if you are finding this valuable.

So the next way to make money online is what I just shared, is through teaching and tutoring. That is the most simple way. You don't need a degree, you don't need money, you don't need an investment, you can just start teaching and tutoring.

I had no teaching degree. I was teaching conversational languages, cultural differences with experiences that I had, with the skills and talents that I have, so this is so easy to do, and it started making money online. I’m no longer doing that. I shifted from that, but it was testing and trying that and so it is an easy way to make money online.

Let's get into another myth about going online and starting an online business. It takes a whole lot of time to building an audience, but you have to start from zero. I started from zero, Rachel started from zero, and we all start from zero.

Let me share with you two hacks that you can go ahead and use today to grow your audience online, even if you're starting from zero. The first one, which is actually the way Rachel and I met, is through a Facebook group.

There are a multitude of groups on Facebook that you can join, be it for bloggers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, engineers, librarians, whatever it is that you do. There is a group for that. Not only look for groups on Facebook, but also groups that allow promotion, because that way you can share your freebies, share what you offer, share your social media platforms, and people get to know, like, and trust you.

The second way that you can grow your audience online fast is through YouTube, because YouTube is owned by the largest search engine in the world. If you create content that is evergreen, meaning that it's content that never expires, it's relevant today, relevant tomorrow, relevant in a year, and relevant within five years to come, and also if you create a mixture of that with viral content, which is trending content that people are searching today, right now, you'll be good as gold.

One thing that really kept me stuck, was the feeling, “oh, it's so time consuming” and “I don't want to spend all that time” and “it's going to take forever to grow” and “I’m too old” and “when is it going to happen?”. At the end of the day, for me it was really taking action and taking small steps, because the thought of one day I want to publish a book, and one day I want to grow on YouTube, and one day this, and one day that: one day is really never.

The the best day to plant trees is 30 years ago, and the next best day is literally now. If i hadn't started a few years ago by taking these small steps, like starting a YouTube channel, and starting my TedX talk, and starting to write a chapter in my first best-selling book, and all of that, then I would have never been living the life now, and crossing the world, and meeting each other.

We’re able to continue our work and do what we love because we took those small steps, and does it take time? Yeah, some things take time, but if you don't start? It's like, “I want to go on a diet and lose 10 pounds, but I’ll wait until the New Year, or I’ll wait until Monday, or wait until next week”. Don't wait - just do something now: ask a question, ask us a question, make a comment, like small, small things that you can do now.

Just don't waste time. Life is too short. So if you're there sitting and thinking, “let's go ahead and get started right now, what's another way that I can go ahead and make money online?”, that is through selling your own products or services.

Whenever I say that, people just freeze. They're like, “Oh my God. I don't have the time. I don't have the energy. This is impossible because it's going to take forever and no one's going to buy”. But here's the thing: everyone is an expert at something. I’m an expert, Rachel's an expert, you are an expert.

As long as you are one step ahead of your ideal client, of the person you want to serve, you will already be serving them. The second thing is that you do not need to create a huge online course or a huge training in order to provide value.

It can be something small, something specific, like a worksheet, a workbook, a spreadsheet, even something that you're already using in your own day-to-day life. Here's the thing: as long as you are helping your ideal clients get results faster or helping make their lives easier, that product will sell like hotcakes.

By the way, if you like this video so far, hit that like button and comment below.

Let's move on to the last thing that keeps you stuck. The one thing, the big thing, that keeps a lot of people stuck is fear. I’ll just name the three most common fears: fear of the unknown, like what if I quit my job and then what's going to happen, the fear of what are other people going to say, and the fear of failure.

I talk a lot about all of these fears in planning your transition in my videos as well, but for me it was a few years ago. I was doing this really good-paying corporate job, and it's like, if I quit and if I start my online business, what are my parents going to say?

I’m 40 years old thinking, what are my parents going to say? We care about whatever our family or a loved one is going to say. Are other people going to call me crazy? In a way they did, because you're you're well paid, you have all these benefits, you have a car, you have money, you're so successful on the outside, but on the inside, I was super stressed, I was really burning out.

Then it's the fear of leaving all that security, leaving the paycheck, and then the fear of failing. But, really, what is failing? Failing is part of growth. Failing is feedback.

What I really want you guys to take away here is that fear is positive, because a lot of people stay away from fear. The more you stay away like, “oh, that's scary, that's out of my comfort zone, then i'm not going do it” but that's going to keep you stuck. That's going to keep you in your job.

Think about where you want to be in 10 years from now. If you stay away from fear, you're never going to do it, you're never going to grow, you're going to stay stuck. I want you to take action, because the only way to beat fear, to take power over fear, is to shake hands with your fear, and say “hey come on, bring it on, let's face it”.

Failure is feedback. Failure is growth. You have to fall and get back up. The last thing I want to say about this is make mistakes. I encourage you to make mistakes. I always say, don't make the same mistake twice. Make it five or six time, just to make sure.

It’s through failing that you learn and grow. Even today we're scared, like is this going to go, is this going to flop, but if we're not doing this, we'll never know.

I have so many fears. I remember one of my biggest fears, which if you just go back a few years ago, I would never in a million years be talking to you right now on camera because the biggest fear that I had was of showing my face. Before I started YouTube , I was blogging, and you wouldn't see my image anywhere.

Even when I started my own YouTube channel, I was so scared of showing my face, fearing what would people think if I say something wrong and then it's registered. I was so, so, so scared that I didn't show my face at all

My first YouTube videos are literally just a screen share because I was petrified, and that's a whole lesson. You start small, you dip your toes in the water, and as you gain that confidence, until I reached the point where I was like, “why am I hiding behind my screen? Let everyone see me, and let's go ahead and do this. Those who don't like it, they don't like it, and those who do, well, those are the ones that we want.”

I’m going to end with the sixth and last way to earn money online and this is super, super easy. It’s selling your stuff online. What do I mean by your stuff?

Think about Ebay. Think about Amazon. Think about all these second-hand online marketplaces, even Facebook marketplace. You can sell your stuff.

We usually don't think about it, but if you open your closet, I’m sure there's something in there that you have never worn, or that maybe you've worn that and it's still really good, and so last year, before I took the big last decision of going full time in traveling, I sold my house, I sold all my belongings, and I had all these items that I sold online, from a charger of my phone, to a cable for a laptop, or a CD burner, from five dollars to two hundred dollars.

It all adds up. Even boots that I didn't wear, brand new, feeling sorry that I bought it, but it made me money. I even have a client who was like, “I have no money”, and then she sold paintings that she had in boxes from her grandfather stuck in boxes, but they were worth five thousand dollars.

It's really easy to find things to declutter and to make money online, so I hope you have ideas here. I hope you like this content, and we're going to dive into the comments and the questions right now .

Make sure to check the resources below and to check both our channels, and hit the like button, but we're super curious about your reactions right now because we really hope that these six big secrets and ways to make money online are going to help you take action.

We have a question here, “how do I know what I want?”. It's just the same like when I said I don't know where to start. It all starts with you. I would say go to you, take time to spend with yourself and ask yourself some questions. Literally take pen and paper.

I used to hate writing things down. I never journaled in my life but when I started taking pen and paper, it's so powerful. Just let it flow.

For me it was I like people, I like talking, I like communicating. What do I not like is equally important. I don't like to work for a boss, I don't like my colleagues, I don't like fake smiles, I don't like performances, I don't like to work for a schedule that is laid up on me, I don't want to ask for permission.

Really sit down and ask yourself these questions. I would say that that is really how you start. That's also how my whole business came into being. I was working at a head hunting company a few years ago, and I was there and I literally felt like I was hugging the whole cause.

I was hired to do something but I was doing 500 other things rather than just the thing that I was hired to do. That's who I am. I like working, I like learning, but then I was like, “why the heck am I doing this for someone else? I’m going to do this for myself!”.

But before I took the leap, which is exactly what Rachel says, I tested out the waters, and that's when I went to work with my dad at his travel agency. It was like, “okay, let's let's go test out these waters of what it would be like to be an entrepreneur”, and it was just after I worked with him for a while that the whole idea of bringing Yes To Tech to life came into being.

I went to revamp his website, and rather than wanting to just call the company that did it, I decided to take matters into our own hands, do this in-house. But I didn't have any technical experience, I wasn't tech savvy at all, and i just went ahead and did it, and learned how to do it.

That’s when I thought, “if I’m having this issue, probably some other entrepreneurs, small business owners and content creators have the same issue as well”. It's just just try things out.

There's another one i was reading, “how did you start your online businesses?”. I think it goes a little bit in line with what we just shared. We start while testing and trying.

For me was through tutoring and doing some teaching. I was looking at some some sites that I could get more clients in languages, and I don't do it anymore, but that was really the start .

Also figuring out what I wanted, and figuring out the online world, and figuring out how to do videos. For me it was two dreams at the same time: growing my YouTube and starting to watch some tutorials and to really put my feet into it.

It’s really about taking these small action steps all the time, and then see what works, and also not just see what works, but also do I really want to teach languages? No I don’t. Do I want to start coaching? And I started coaching by helping people.

In the beginning, even for free, that's how I really started. I was like, “hey, I’m actually good in this”, and I started teaching older people and adults and coaching. I really like that and I no longer want to teach languages.

Then I started discovering I was good in speaking and I did my TedX talks, and then I started videos. So you test, you try, and that's how you grow your online business. You tweak and you pivot.

We all started small and that's the thing: you don't need these huge setups, these websites, all of these things in order to get started. If we were going do just rotate this whole camera so you could see our setup right now, we're using natural light, we're using an iPhone to record this, we have no microphones or anything, we're just sitting down and talking to you guys, so there's nothing that's stopping you from getting started.

Just like get your phone out and do it because if you have a phone you have an online business. There's another one, “what do you dream of if you had all the money you would need?”.

For me, I always have dreams, I always have goals, and I’m already living my dream and traveling the world. I guess travel more for me, grow on YouTube and to inspire way more people.

To be completely honest, I feel like my dream is very similar to yours. I love helping people, just hearing your stories is what fuels me. Being able to do what I do from anywhere in the world, so being able to travel, visit other cultures and experience all of this is just a dream come true.

Throw that alarm clock out the window. We met online years ago and now we're sitting here together because we have this lifestyle. There's one question, “best editing software for videos?”. It depends if you're using an iPad or an iPhone or a Mac.

I have windows and use Camtasia. I use iMovie since I have a Mac and it's built in with the computer - it's free. There are a lot of people who use Final Cut Pro as well, there's Wondershare which is also paid (Camtasia is also paid by the way).

Thank you so much for joining us. This was amazing, I really enjoyed it. If you have more questions, put it in the comments below, and if you have more topics that you want us to talk about, please do let us know because we're really enjoying this.

Thank you everyone and thank you so, so much Rachel for joining us. Make sure that you check out the resources down below, subscribe to Rachel's channel, and we'll hopefully see you very, very, very soon.


MAKE MONEY ONLINE 2024: From Plan To Product So You Can Earn Your First $500 In The Next Month! If you want an exact plan of action to help you learn smart money tactics to go from plan to product so you can earn your first $500 in the next month in passive income and working from home, then this is for you. We'll talk about how to make money online 2024 with work from home jobs, affiliate marketing for beginners with the best affiliate programs to refer and earn, and everyday money tactics so that you can earn money online 2024.

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