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Convertkit Landing Page: How To Create A Landing Page In ConvertKit - ConvertKit Tutorial

In this ConvertKit tutorial, you’ll learn how to build landing pages using ConvertKit and how to create a landing page in ConvertKit

ConvertKit landing page tutorial: how to use ConvertKit to create a landing page in ConvertKit. In this ConvertKit tutorial, you’ll learn how to build landing pages using ConvertKit and how to create a landing page in ConvertKit. We’ll cover how to use ConvertKit to create a landing page and ConvertKit landing page templates in this landing page tutorial.

ConvertKit is my email marketing platform of choice to send broadcasts to my email list, and the best part is that you can use it to create landing pages as well if you don’t want to spend your money on an additional landing page software, such as Leadpages.

To create a landing page in ConvertKit, login to your account, and under the forms tab, click on ‘new form’. You’ll see that two options popup: form and landing page. Click on ‘landing page’. Go ahead and click on one of the available templates to customize: profile, sidebar, single or sliding. I’m going to choose the ‘profile’ template, which is this first one on the left.

To name your landing page, click on the pencil icon next to where it says ‘profile landing page’, and rename it so that it reflects what your opt-in incentive is about. To customize any individual element on the landing page, all you have to do is click on that particular element, and edit it. You can also follow the directions that appear on the right hand-side of the page whenever you click on an element to make further edits, such as to add an image, change a font style, or change the color of a button.

From the tab on the right hand-side panel you can edit the settings to define what happens when a visitor subscribes to a form, show a success message or redirect to another page, you can edit the incentive email that is sent after someone subscribes to the form, choose whether you want to auto-confirm new subscribers, and select where they’re redirected to after they confirm their subscription, you can edit other styles specific to this landing page, such as content background, form background, corner radius, background color, background image, and add custom CSS, and lastly, you can change what's shown to return visitors who have already subscribed to this form, so you can continue to show this form, hide the form, or show custom content. You can also send your subscribers to a thank you page, and enable reCAPTCHA on your form.

Once you’re done making edits, click on ‘save’. To access your landing page link, click on ‘share’, and copy the link that appears. Now you know how to create a landing page with ConvertKit.

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