How To Create Automation Rules In ConvertKit - ConvertKit Automation Examples

How To Create Automation Rules In ConvertKit To Create An Autopilot System - Best Email Marketing Tool. In this video you’ll discover how to create automation rules in ConvertKit, which is the absolute best email marketing tool, to create an autopilot system. This strategy can be used for email marketing automation, to set up a link trigger, and to add and remove tags and segments on autopilot.

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To access the automation options, to create automation rules, just click on the automations tab up top, and then select rules from the right-hand side menu bar. If you’ve already set up an automation rule, you’ll see a listing of them on this page. To add a new automation rule, click on the blue + add rule button from the right. Just a side note, automation rules are not set retro-actively, meaning that an automation will only be applied to subscriber-based actions that occur AFTER the automation rule was created.

Once we click on the + add rule button, we’ll be redirected to this page that’s composed of two columns, trigger and action. From the trigger column you can select a number of options: subscribes to a sequence, subscribes to a form, completes a sequence, clicks a link, tag added, tag removed, and purchases a product. The options under the action column include subscribe to a sequence, unsubscribe from a sequence, subscribe to a form, unsubscribe from a form, add tag and remove tag.

You can point multiple triggers to the same action, point one trigger to multiple actions, and even point multiple triggers to multiple actions. For instance, you can set a trigger when someone subscribes to your opt-in form, and then subscribe them to your welcome sequence and add a lead tag as the actions.

Another example. Once your subscriber completes that welcome sequence, you can set as the trigger ‘completes a sequence’, and then add them to another sequence which is a sales sequence for one of your products.

You can play around with all of these options to automate the content that your subscribers receive, and automatically add and remove tags from individual subscribers depending on the actions they take.

And that’s it. Now you know how to create automation rules in ConvertKit to create an autopilot system. Again, if you don’t have a ConvertKit account yet, just click here to start your FREE 30-day trial right away.

I now want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below the latest automation rule that you created in ConvertKit.

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