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25 Free Website Traffic Ideas To Promote Your Blog And Business

Getting targeted traffic to your blog and site is essential. Use this complete guide with free website traffic ideas as your roadmap to success!

Getting engaged and targeted traffic to your blog and website is essential to grow your business. Use this complete guide with 25 free site traffic ideas as your roadmap to success!

1. Join Facebook groups and / or create one of your own: join Facebook groups in which your ideal audience is hanging out. Answer questions, ask some of your own, provide your unique insights, share your knowledge, and be useful overall. You can also promote your freebies and blog posts on days that allow promotions. When creating a Facebook group of your own, make sure to make it open to the public, have a designated schedule for daily threads, and answer others’ comments.

2. Do Facebook Live: Facebook loves when you post video, especially when you do a Facebook live, and will organically show it to more people. These don’t have to be long to get results. If you’re struggling to come up with content to talk about during the Facebook live, you can repurpose a blog post you published into a video format. Remember to ask your viewers to like and share your Facebook live.

3. Join Pinterest group boards and / or create one of your own: the more your pins get clicks and saves, the more they will be shared with others. A great way to get them in front of as many eyeballs as possible is to join Pinterest group boards within your niche. Remember to follow the rules after you join. When creating a Pinterest group board of your own, make sure to ask contributors to follow you and all of your boards first so you grow your follower base.

Get instant access to the FREE CHEAT SHEET with 25 free website traffic ideas to promote your blog and business by filling out the form below now:

4. Start a YouTube channel: video is on the rise, and YouTube has a huge, loyal fanbase. If you offer tutorials or step-by-step guides, YouTube is an essential place to be in. After uploading your video to YouTube, make sure that you optimize it for SEO with tags, a searchable title, and by adding keywords within the description box. Remember to add links to your free offers and blog posts within the description as well, and mention those verbally during your video.

5. Comment on others’ social media posts: this is especially vital within Facebook groups and on others’ Facebook pages. If you share quality advice and are generous, you increase your chances of being remembered, and of others reciprocating the favor on your own social media posts. This is also an amazing way to establish yourself as an expert or go-to person in your field.

6. Submit your blog posts to Reddit and / or Medium: Reddit is ideal to submit blog posts that have widespread appeal, whereas Medium is better for blog posts that are personal or talk about your unique journey on a particular subject. Link to other blog posts and to your freebies within the blog posts you post on these platforms, and get ready for a surge of traffic if your blog post goes viral.

Get instant access to the FREE CHEAT SHEET with 25 free website traffic ideas to promote your blog and business by filling out the form below now:

7. Comment on other blogs: whenever you comment on another blog within your industry with something useful and insightful, not only are you helping the person who owns that blog, but also maximizing your exposure. Other people who read that blog may be interested in other things you have to say, and click through to your website. As such, always leave your website URL when you leave a comment on another blog post.

8. Become a case study: if you read an influencer’s or popular blogger’s blog post about a subject you are not familiar with, but are dying to learn more about, reach out and mention that you would love to be their case study. Share your current stats or where you are right now in the process, and track your progress as you use that influencer’s or blogger’s strategies. They will love to have proof for what they talk about, and you will get exposure to their audience.

9. Answer questions on Quora and / or Yahoo Answers: be the expert who answers others’ questions, be it on Quora, Yahoo Answers, or other online forums. The more you answer questions and provide helpful and educated insights, the bigger the chance of your answer being considered the best of the bunch. This increases others’ curiosity about you and your business, and gets you clicks back to your site.

Get instant access to the FREE CHEAT SHEET with 25 free website traffic ideas to promote your blog and business by filling out the form below now:

10. Create a freebie / lead magnet / opt-in incentive: create a high-value resource that a visitor that comes to your site or blog can download for free in exchange for their e-mail address. This should be something that makes their life easier or helps them achieve their goals faster. Popular examples include worksheets, checklists, challenges, and resources guides. Don’t know how to create a freebie? Check out this blog post that includes a step-by-step guide.

11. Grow your e-mail list and send regular e-mails to your subscribers: your e-mail list is one of your most valuable resources in your business. You grow one by offering a freebie / lead magnet / opt-in incentive to your visitors (see above). If someone has already opted in to your e-mail list, make sure you nurture that relationship by regularly sending them useful content, such as your blog posts. Include a link to share that blog post within the e-mail, and don’t spam your subscribers with excessive promotions.

12. Promote a flash or limited-time offer: this is great to attract both new and old visitors to your site, and give them a chance to work with you again or for the first time. They can either be on pre-set days, such as on your birthday, on Black Friday, or during the holiday season, or on a random day of your choosing. If going with the latter, make sure to plan ahead, since your visitors will not be anticipating the promotion.

Get instant access to the FREE CHEAT SHEET with 25 free website traffic ideas to promote your blog and business by filling out the form below now:

13. Write a guest post: if you don’t have an audience yet, or just want to be exposed to a bigger audience, writing a guest post on another blog that has a similar target audience as you is excellent to do so. Make sure that the content you create is well thought out, and is even better than the content that you post on your own blog. When writing your short bio, add a link to your website and / or to a landing page with one of your absolute best freebies, so that those readers who enjoy your blog post have a chance to continue on their journey with you.

Some examples of guest posts I’ve written:

14. Interview others and / or offer to be interviewed: start an interview series on your blog with influencers or even with other bloggers. Once the post goes live, there is a big chance that the influencer or blogger will share your blog post with their audience. The same goes when you’re the one being interviewed. Not only do you get to share the interview with your audience, but it will also be read and seen by the network of people who read the blog in which it was published.

15. Create a round-up post: this can take two forms. One form is to write a round-up post with your best blog posts of the year, with the best blog posts on a particular subject or category, with the top tools and resources to achieve a certain goal, or any other variation along those lines. This is great to revive older blog posts you’ve created, and to repurpose your content. Another form is to gather numerous experts or bloggers to talk about a particular subject in a paragraph or two. Once the post goes live, ask those experts to share your round-up post, and see a surge in traffic. For an example of a round-up post, check out this blog post with the very best productivity tips from 30+ online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners.

Get instant access to the FREE CHEAT SHEET with 25 free website traffic ideas to promote your blog and business by filling out the form below now:

16. Start a podcast: your visitors may enjoy consuming content different ways, and so it is essential to give them a multitude of options. The main advantage of podcasts is that your audience can listen to an episode anywhere, be it in their car, in line, at work, at a café, while exercising, or on-the-go. You can repurpose your blog post content into a podcast episode, and even include verbal calls to action to your website and free offers within the show itself and the show notes.

17. Publish a free eBook or guide on Amazon: thousands of people browse Amazon each day. Create and publish a free eBook on the platform, and include links within it to your blog posts and freebies. This way, you are leveraging on Amazon’s existing traffic to grow your own. If possible, ask those who downloaded the eBook for a rating and to write a review. This will improve your eBook’s search results on the platform.

18. Host a (free) training or webinar: this can either be a free or paid training that you offer live or on demand to share your expertise on a particular subject of interest. You can even host them for free yourself, by using Google Hangouts for the video, Chatango for the chatbox, and embedding both of these on your existing website. You can also use trainings and webinars as a tool to grow your e-mail list, by exchanging the link to attend for the e-mail address of those who wish to claim a spot. You can even offer your paid services at the end with a special, bonus offer to those who purchase during the training or webinar.

Get instant access to the FREE CHEAT SHEET with 25 free website traffic ideas to promote your blog and business by filling out the form below now:

19. Do a joint venture: collaborate on joint projects with other bloggers or influencers in your niche. This works even better when your products and services are complementary to each other, while sharing a similar target audience. This way, you both leverage on each others’ traffic, popularity, and e-mail lists. This collaboration can be by doing a freebie swap, where they offer your freebie to their audience, and you offer their freebie to your audience, a joint webinar, where you combine both of your paid offers into a limited-edition one, guest posting on each others’ blogs, or guest appearing on each others’ YouTube channels.

20. Host a giveaway: people usually avoid letting others know about giveaways because the more people who enter, the lower their chances of winning. Interact turns this around by adding a social element to giveaways. The more you share the giveaway link, and the more people you refer who enter the giveaway through your unique link, the bigger the chance of winning. With numerous people sharing, this has the potential of going viral.

21. Ask for referrals: if you already have clients, or even an e-mail list of loyal fans, ask them to share your content with their friends, or with someone who would benefit from consuming your content. If this new person then enjoys what you offer, they will likely share it with their friends, creating an exponential increase in word of mouth marketing. The same goes for asking referrals from friends, family, acquaintances, and those who work with you.

Get instant access to the FREE CHEAT SHEET with 25 free website traffic ideas to promote your blog and business by filling out the form below now:

22. Ask for testimonials: don’t be afraid to ask those who have purchased a product or service from you in the past for a testimonial, be it in text, audio, or video form. You can then add these testimonials to your site, which will boost its perceived value. The person offering the testimonial will also likely share their testimonial on your behalf, especially if you transform it into a case study, blog post, or social media post.

23. Attend a networking event: the more people in your industry that you get to know, and that get to know you and your business, the bigger your chances of having a partner / friend to collaborate with in the future. This can be in the form of a joint venture (see number 19), or even by becoming each other's’ affiliates for individual products and services.

24. Speak at an event: share your expertise as much as possible. This event can either be in-person, such as speaking at a university, at a business meetup, or at a local community, or an online summit with various others speakers. Deliver a memorable and information-packed speech so that the audience becomes wowed by you and your knowledge, and can’t wait to consume your free and paid content once the event is over.

25. Host your own event: this can either be free or paid, live or online. If you have never hosted your own event before, a free online event is a great place to start. If you already have a raving audience, have spoken at events before, as well as a bigger budget, you can look for sponsors, and plan a paid, live event. Either way, reach out to other influencers and bloggers and invite them to speak. Ask those who agree to share the event as much as possible, both to their audience and on social media. You can even send out a press release to boost attendance.

You see? Leading traffic to your website to promote your blog and business doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive)! The greater exposure and visibility you get, the greater the amount of traffic your site will receive. Now get out there and put these ideas in action!

To make it easy for you to promote your blog and business, I've created a FREE CHEAT SHEET with these 25 free website traffic ideas to help you know exactly which tasks to focus on. You can download your free copy of the Free Website Traffic Ideas Cheat Sheet by filling out the form below.

Get instant access to the FREE CHEAT SHEET with 25 free website traffic ideas to promote your blog and business by filling out the form below now:

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