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The No-Fail Guide To Write The Best Email Subject Lines (With Examples)

Discover how to write a killer e-mail subject line that guarantees engagement (more opens and more clicks), and that stands out from a sea of unread e-mails

Be honest: how many times have you opened your e-mail inbox, and gone on a deleting rampage?

We are flooded with so many e-mail marketing messages each and every day that it’s impossible to open them all. Thing is, you don’t want the e-mail you’re sending out to be one of those that go straight to the trash, do you?

One of the best ways to guarantee engagement and stand out from a sea of unread e-mails is by writing a killer subject line. The goal is to send useful e-mails that your subscribers look forward to receiving, opening, and, most importantly, actually reading.

To ensure that you capture your e-mail subscribers’ attention as soon as you land in their inbox, here are some subject line tips and tricks that will boost your open and click through rates.

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The Killer E-mail Subject Line Formula

According to e-mail marketing experts, the formula to write a killer e-mail subject line is as follows:

Number or Question + Adjective + Keywords + Promise

Let’s cover a few examples:

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Some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your e-mail subject line short and sweet, to ensure that it fits on all screen sizes (phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop).

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different things out. The more you change things up, the more likely you are to have a higher engagement rate.

  • Use emojis that reflect your content, like a timer for an offer that is ending soon.

  • Check your metrics after sending an e-mail broadcast, and reflect on what worked and what didn’t.

  • Avoid using ALL CAPS and excessive punctuation marks??!! This has the opposite effect of creating urgency, and stimulates your subscriber to delete your e-mail right away. One word in all caps or one punctuation mark is enough.

  • Never make a false promise just to have a better e-mail subject line. Only write and send things that you can deliver on.

  • Speak the language of your subscribers and write your business’ e-mail subject lines as if you were sending an e-mail to a friend. This will make them feel like they personally know you.

Now, the killer e-mail subject line formula above may not work in every single scenario. Here are 10 other types of e-mail marketing subject lines that you can use to grab your subscribers’ attention and lead to multiple clicks:

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  • Urgency: use this when time is running out for a limited-time or limited-edition offer.

  • Reverse Psychology: if you specifically tell your e-mail subscribers not to open your e-mail, there are bigger chances that they will in fact open it.

  • Personal: this not only refers to using your subscribers’ name in the e-mail subject line, but also to adding certain elements to it depending on how and with what kind of content they engaged with. That’s why tags and segments in ConvertKit are so powerful.

  • Curiosity: tease the content within the body of your e-mail in the subject line so that your subscribers are intrigued and can’t wait to click to learn more.

  • Benefits: show your subscribers the butterfly effect: what can they expect to achieve if they click on your e-mail subject line and follow what you say in the body of the e-mail?

  • Humor: if you can make your subscribers laugh, and give them a break from their other day-to-day tasks, you are set. This is great when you want to increase your approachability.

  • Command: if your subscribers want to learn something, all they have to do is Google it, and in a few minutes they’ll have all the answers they are looking for. Thing is, that does not ensure that they will follow through. Tell your subscribers exactly what they need to do to succeed.

  • Emotion: think about how you can play with your subscribers’ feelings. What angers them? What stimulates action? What makes them feel warm and fuzzy?

  • Flattery: compliment your subscribers by making them feel good about themselves or their business. This will feed their ego, and make them believe they are special and unique members of your community.

  • FOMO (fear of missing out): your subscribers don’t want to feel left out. If someone else achieved a certain result that they want to achieve, their competitiveness will come out, and they will be longing to know how to accomplish the same by opening your e-mail.

If you want to take action on this material right away to ensure that your own subscribers open and click on your e-mails, make sure to download the E-Mail Subject Line Guide. This includes examples you can refer to, covers the 10 additional types of e-mail marketing subject lines above, and will guarantee that you follow the killer e-mail subject line formula. Download your FREE GUIDE by filling out the form below.

Fill out the form below now to download the FREE E-mail Subject Line Guide instanstly:

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