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How To Make Your Own Logo For Free Even If You Don't Know Anything About Design - Free Logo Maker

Discover how to make your own logo for free, with this free logo maker tutorial, even if you don’t know anything about logo design.

Hiring a professional designer to create a logo for you may be out of question when you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner who is just starting out.

What if I told you that it is possible to create a logo yourself, for free, even if you don’t know anything about design? Sound too good to be true? Well, think again, because that is exactly what you are going to learn today.

Grab your favorite beverage, and get ready to take action. Your business logo is just a few hours (or even minutes!) from coming to life.

Before we continue, it is important to mention that if you do have a small budget and have no desire to create a logo yourself, you can hire a freelance designer to create one for you at a low price. You can use platforms such as Upwork, 99Designs and 40DollarLogo to do so.

When creating a logo yourself for free you have two options: use a DIY tool such as LogoScopic Studio, LogoGarden, or even Canva, or use a bit of your creativity and free online tools to create one from scratch. We are going to focus on the second option (it’s easy, I promise).

Get instant access to the FREE Logo Design Checklist by filling out the form below now:

1. Come up with an idea

Before opening any online tool, you have to know what you are looking for. What does your ideal logo look like? Is it solely text based or does it have an image? What color is it? What shape is it? How will it fit in with your overall brand? Answer these questions before moving on.

2. Select your special font and images

This is the fun part. Choose a free font from DaFont or 1001 Free Fonts that translates your ideal logo into reality. They have a database full of fonts sorted by type (script, serif, rounded, dotted, eroded), look (Chinese, Mexican, Russian) and theme (Halloween, western, ancient, horror).

For instance, if you run an organic product business, you can choose the ‘Organic Food’ font, or if you are organizing a running competition, you can use ‘Blazed’ as your font. Nothing stops you from mixing and matching fonts as well, just make sure that they complement rather than overpower each other. Once you have made your decision, just click download to save the font on your computer.

If you intend on using an image as part of your logo, you can download free, stock images and icons from Unsplash and Icons8. Colors, sizes and styles are all customizable. Again, once you have selected the one you want, just click download to save it.

Get instant access to the FREE Logo Design Checklist by filling out the form below now:

3. Use Pixlr to create your logo

It’s now time to put your logo together. Pixlr is a free Photoshop alternative that you can use right from your browser. Once you open it, click on create a new image, and change the dimensions to 160 x 160 pixels, which is the standard website logo size. Remember to make it transparent so that you can use the image you create on multiple backgrounds.

In the space provided, create your logo. Click on the letter A on the left-hand side (the Type Tool) to add your special font. Play with the positioning of the letters or simply write the name of your business in full.

To add the image or icon you downloaded, click on Layer, then Open Image As Layer. If it is too big or too small and you want to resize it, click on Edit and Free Transform. And there you go! You just created your company’s logo for free!

Your logo is the focal point of your brand identity. When creating one, you need to ensure that it is scalable down the road as your business grows. I created the Logo Design Checklist just for you so that you know exactly what you need to focus on to make your logo successful. You can download your free copy of the Logo Design Checklist by filling out the form below.

Get instant access to the FREE Logo Design Checklist by filling out the form below now:

You are now equipped with all the tools you need to create a logo yourself for free, even without any design knowledge. Make sure to share your logo in the comments below, so that we can all be inspired by what you come up with.

And don’t forget to download the Logo Design Checklist to take the guesswork out of designing a logo, and create one yourself with ease.

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