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How To Find Your Niche Market To Attract Targeted Traffic

Use this blog post as a complete roadmap to determine your blog and site's ideal audience avatar so that you attract targeted traffic everyday

When you’re putting your blog or website together, you should develop it with your ideal audience in mind. Before adding anything to the page, you need to be clear on who your audience is, what their struggles are, and, most importantly, how you can help them solve those struggles.

As such, you need to come up with your ideal audience avatar, which is a detailed description of who your ideal visitor is. It should include their:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Current and dream job

  • Marital status

  • Household income

  • Location

  • Interests

  • Blogs they follow and magazines they read

  • Goals (both personal and professional) and life beliefs

  • Challenges, struggles and stress points

and what:

  • They most desire to achieve right now

  • Places they spend their time online and offline

  • They do in their free time

  • Social media channels they use

  • Experts they follow and look up to

as well as any other important characteristics you can think of. Really get into their head.

Fill out the form below now to download the FREE Ideal Audience Avatar Worksheet instantly:

Here’s an interesting tip: oftentimes your ideal audience avatar is similar to who you were one to two years ago. I know that for me, that’s the case. My ideal audience avatar is:

  • A women

  • In her 20s and 30s

  • Either has or dreams about having an online business

  • Is not particularly tech-savvy

  • Her greatest struggle is to create a website as a non-techie online entrepreneur

  • Her secondary struggles are to drive traffic to and promote said site

That’s exactly how my targeted trainings for non-techie online entrepreneurs came into fruition!

You can come up with an ideal audience avatar based on information you have previously collected on your customers and visitors, by creating and sending out a survey, or, if you’re starting from scratch, by sitting down and really brainstorming who you want to target based on what you want to achieve.

The more you’re able to narrow it down, the better. It's best to serve a really target niche well, than to try to appeal to everyone, and end up not serving anyone properly. For instance, my motto at Yes To Tech is to empower non-techie online entrepreneurs to maximize their online presence. I don’t just target entrepreneurs (too broad), or online entrepreneurs (still broad), but in fact I target non-techie online entrepreneurs.

Fill out the form below now to download the FREE Ideal Audience Avatar Worksheet instantly:

By getting laser-focused, you’ll resonate with your audience at a deeper level, connect with them more effectively, market to them in a way that solves their most burning struggles, and thus are able to serve them better.

Coming up with an ideal audience avatar is essential. You’ll be better equipped at creating a blog or website from the point of view of your visitors, and can therefore plan your content and structure accordingly in a way that appeals and helps them. From there, you can determine what you want your site’s visitors to do on your site (read your blog, buy your products, book a consultation call, or something else).

I now have an action item for you: now that you’ve gotten laser-focused on your ideal audience avatar, I want you to write down in a paragraph or a few bullet points who that ideal audience avatar is. To help you out, you can download the Ideal Audience Avatar Worksheet below, which guides you through the points I mentioned earlier.

Fill out the form below now to download the FREE Ideal Audience Avatar Worksheet instantly:

You don’t have to have everything perfectly figured out and set right from the start. The point is to get it out on paper, and just get started. You can always change things as you better understand who your ideal audience avatar is.

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