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How To Create Irresistible Buttons That Get Clicked In Wix - Wix Tutorial. In this video you’ll discover how to create irresistible buttons that get clicked in Wix. You can use this Wix button to link to a blog post or to a landing page, for instance, to ultimately grow your e-mail list. You’ll learn how to add a button, how to link a button, and how to customize a button in Wix.

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To add and customize a button, in your Wix Editor, go the the left-hand side panel, click on 'add', 'button', select one of the options, and edit it to your liking from its individual toolbar. You can click on 'change text' to change the button's text and link it to another page, to an anchor, to a web address, to an email, to a phone number, to a document, to the top or bottom of the page, or to a lightbox.

You can also link the button to a particular destination by clicking on the link button from its individual toolbar. You’ll notice that the same popup appears. You can click on 'layouts' to change the button’s text alignment. Under 'design', you can change the button's design to a pre-set option, or you can click on 'customize design' at the bottom to change the button's fill and color opacity, border, corners, shadow, and text, both of the regular button, which is its default appearance, and of its hover appearance, which is how it looks when you put your cursor on top of it. Lastly, from the button’s individual toolbar, you can choose and customize your button’s animation if you so wish.

And that’s it. Now you know how to create irresistible buttons that get clicked in Wix. Again, if you don’t have a Wix account yet, just click here to start for FREE right away.

I now want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below what color you chose for your button.

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