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How To Add Pictures On Wix Website (Simple)

In your Wix editor, on the right page you want to add your Wix picture, click on "add elements" from the left-hand side panel. Then, click on "Image." Feel free to either upload or import one of your own images, such as an image from your computer or one from your social and Google accounts. You can even explore images free from Wix, or use free Wix illustrations.

Let's go ahead and click on this one over here to add it to our page. Once you've added your picture, you can access its individual toolbar to customize the picture further. You can click on "change image" to replace the current image with another one. Click on "choose image" at the bottom to confirm your selection.

If you want to edit the image, you can click on "edit image." This will take you to the Wix photo studio, where you can crop and resize the image, enhance it, adjust it, and even add filters to your photo. You can also cut out elements from the picture or add overlays and backgrounds. If you make any changes within the Wix photo studio, make sure to click on "save" in the top right-hand corner.

Under "settings," you can perform actions similar to before. You can change or adjust the image, reset it, and set image behaviors. This includes what happens when the image is clicked and where it links to if a link is added. You can also add image text by saying what the image is, edit the image tooltip as well as set image resizing options, including maintaining proportions and autofill.

Under the "design" section, you can add a frame to your image. Customize the design of the frame, including its border, corners, and shadow.

Moving on to "crop," you have the ability to crop your image to the desired shape and size. You can zoom the image in or out, perform a shape crop, reset the shape proportions, and flip the shape horizontally or vertically. Apply these changes as needed.

If you wish to add filters to your Wix picture, navigate to the "filters" section. Here, you can choose from a variety of filter options to enhance the appearance of your image.

In the "animation" section, you can select an animation effect to add to your Wix picture, such as "glide in." Click on "customize" at the bottom to set animation settings, including direction, distance, duration, delay, and whether you want the animation to occur only the first time.

Moving on to the "link" section, you can determine where your Wix picture should link to. You have options such as linking to none, a page, a web address, a section, an anchor, the top or bottom of a page, a document, email, phone number, or even a lightbox. Once you've made your selection, click on "done" at the bottom to confirm.

Once you're satisfied with the changes you've made and the customizations to your Wix pictures on your Wix website, make sure to click on "publish" in the top right-hand corner to make your changes active.


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to add pictures to your Wix website! In this video, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of enhancing your website with stunning visuals. Learn the best practices for uploading and editing pictures on Wix, including optimizing the picture size and creating captivating picture slideshows. Discover how to effortlessly add pictures to your Wix gallery and easily change them whenever you desire. Don't miss out on our expert tips for editing pictures on Wix to make your website visually appealing and engaging. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Wix user, this tutorial has got you covered. Watch now and take your website to the next level with Wix pictures!

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