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4 Work Habits That Can Help You Advance Your Career

Moving up the corporate ladder is not as simple as many think. According to a survey by CNBC and SurveyMonkey, about 24% of employees think that working hard is key to receiving a job promotion. However, a business professor notes that employees who have this mindset are bound to get disappointed as the competition in the workplace today is extremely tight. In many of today’s organizations, producing solid, measurable, and good results at work is the price of admission and bare minimum.

If you feel as if your career’s stuck in a rut, we’ve listed below some work habits that can give your career a push towards success.

Go out of your way to learn new skills

Getting a certificate and completing upskilling courses are some of the tangible ways to prove to your higher-ups that you’re ready for leadership. With that in mind, you should be mindful of the current trends in your industry and figure out what skills will elevate your value in your organization. Make it a habit to observe your colleagues and bosses to determine what skills you may lack. Doing so can help you pinpoint the kind of courses and certifications that you’ll need to bridge the gaps in your knowledge, as well as gain the praises and admiration of your higher-ups.

Actively share your knowledge with coworkers

One of the best ways to gain recognition in your workplace is by offering value to your coworkers. LHH’s post on maximizing your network highlights how keeping your workplace connections engaged by sharing relevant content and insights will impress the right people. Take a deep dive into the data your organization produces to generate reports and research that your coworkers will value. You can also help your coworkers improve how they work by sharing simple habits that allow you to perform optimally in the workplace, such as using productivity apps and effective scheduling.

Be proactive and take initiative

Another habit that you should adopt if you seek a higher position in your organization is taking the initiative when it comes to your projects. By being proactive in your organization, you can improve your coworkers’ and bosses’ impression of you. This may entail taking the time to volunteer for in-depth work or taking the lead on crucial projects. The enthusiasm you showcase can help you gain recognition in your workplace as well as show the higher-ups that you’re well prepared for a leadership and management role.

Study how to communicate effectively

Your bosses and coworkers will greatly appreciate efficiency and effectiveness. For this reason, it’s important to develop excellent communication skills if you want to climb up the corporate ladder. The Balance explains that you can do this by listening intently to other people, learning how to speak to a crowd, getting others on board with your ideas, and properly giving positive and negative feedback. By constantly putting yourself in situations where you can highlight your communication skills, you can gain the respect and acclaim of your higher-ups.

Be sure to keep in mind the habits we’ve discussed above if you want to quickly rise in your organization’s corporate ladder. If you think you suffer from work habits that are detrimental to your career, do read our article ‘How to Break Bad Habits’.



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