The 8 Best Affiliate Programs To Earn Passive Income And Make Money Blogging

Want to earn passive income and make money blogging? Affiliate marketing is the answer! Here are the 8 best affiliate programs for bloggers to make money online, earn extra cash and make money from home.

One of the best ways to earn passive income and make money blogging is through affiliate marketing. Instead of creating something new, such as your own online course or digital product, which takes time and effort, you make money online now by promoting someone else’s product or service. Here are the 8 best affiliate programs for bloggers to make money online and earn extra cash.

1. Blog and Website Builder: Wix

Although many bloggers use Squarespace or for their blogs and websites, I use and love Wix. The best part is that it has an affiliate program, whereas the other platforms don’t ( has one, though). I like Wix so much that I even created an online course, Wonder Website, teaching non-techie online entrepreneurs how to use Wix successfully.

In addition, by creating Yes To Tech’s site on Wix, I reduced costs associated to web design by 80%. Wix is beginner friendly due to its drag-and-drop editor, affordability and ease of use. It also has a number of templates that you can choose from based on your industry, and personalize to suit your own, unique needs. Everything is customizable so you can update your website anytime, anywhere. Wix even handles hosting for you. No matter how much experience you have with creating websites (even if that's a big, fat 0), the result will look as good as if a professional had done it.

Payout: $100 per sale

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2. Email Marketing Platform: Convertkit

Free e-mail marketing platforms, like MailChimp, are great for those who are just starting out since the first 2000 subscribers are free. However, a more premium service, like ConvertKit, is worth the investment since it's scalable down the road. If you start off with MailChimp, I doubt you'll still be using it in five years to come.