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How To Write Killer Blog Posts Your Readers Will Love

If you want to run a successful website, then you need to create blog posts that your readers are going to love. This is how to write blog posts the right way!

Writing blog posts is a crucial part of your blogging biz - obviously! And if you want to run a successful, useful website then you need to create blog posts that your readers are going to love.

I want to share with you my favorite ways of creating content that your readers are going to soak up. It’s really important to focus on what your readers are actually looking for.

Working Out Who Your Audience Is

The first thing to do is work out who your audience actually is. There are a couple of different ways that you can do this.

You can use Google Analytics for this. Under the demographics section you can look at the statistics for age, gender and interests. Using this information, you can piece together an idea of who your audience is.

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You can also poll your audience via your email list, social media accounts and your blog, and find out what makes them tick! This can be really useful in getting to know your audience in a bit more detail.

Understanding exactly who your audience is can be extremely useful for writing blog posts that speak to them and keep them coming back to your blog!

I always advise taking some time and getting out a pen and paper. As you learn more about your current audience you can write bullet points that will help you later on. Focus on who they are, what they are interested in, what they need help with, and what they are already enjoying/buying.

As time goes on with your blog, and you build up a following, this information will be absolute gold dust! The market research you do now will help build the foundation for your successful blog and online biz.

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Investigating Your Current Traffic + What Your Readers Are Checking Out Most

The next step is looking at what your traffic is doing within your website at the moment. By finding out what your audience is already reading on your blog, you can create content that you know is going to be a hit.

Within Google Analytics you can look at your traffic, and the top read posts over a certain time period. Go to your dashboard, then in the sidebar go to behaviour > site content > all pages.

How To Write Blog Posts Your Readers Will Love - Yes To Tech

I advise looking at the past 3-6 months worth of data as this will give the most recent, relevant information. You can use the controls to alter the time period in the top right-hand corner of the report.

Write down your top 10 most read posts and really dig into them:

  • Is there a theme? Are the posts around the same topic? Make any relevant links that you can, and write everything down as you go!

  • Are they a certain type of post, such as lists or how-to posts? This will help you see what kinds of content your readers prefer from you, or which you do particularly well with.

  • What are the titles like? If they are written in a particular way, take note of that too. Your titles are a massive indicator of why people clicked through to read your post in the first place. They are extremely important in the success of a post and can make or break your success in a big way!

  • How long are the posts in the top 10? Are they all around a certain number of words? It can be helpful to see whether people prefer shorter, punchier posts, or actually the long form posts that go into much more detail (although you’ll want to include more long form posts on your blog either way, for SEO purposes and to build your position as an expert)

Once you have lots of info about what is already working well for your blog and the content you’ve already created, then it’s time to move on to external research.

Using the tools that the internet already provides is the easiest way to get the knowledge and background that you need to create blog posts your reader is dying to read!

Search engines can be a huge tool for bloggers that they sometimes forget they have! You can use them in more ways than you might realize.

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Topic Research Using Google + Pinterest

A very simple way to see what kinds of posts are doing well and what your readers will enjoy, is to use the search engines out there that your readers will be using.

I love to use Google and Pinterest for this, as each of them has its own info that you can glean and use to help further your blog.

To do your own research, simply use the list of info you wrote from your current popular posts from Google Analytics.

In the search bar in Google or Pinterest, simply type in some of the topics and words that you found, and see what kind of things pop up in the search results.

How To Write Blog Posts Your Readers Will Love - Yes To Tech

Use the offerings and related terms and take notes as you go along. The terms and keywords that the search engine gives you are extremely valuable, and can help you create posts around your blog niche that will do well with your readers.

It will give you a limitless supply of ideas that relate to the topics your readers already love!

How To Write Blog Posts Your Readers Will Love - Yes To Tech

Remember to keep in mind the points that you researched about your own audience as you jot down ideas, to keep your research focused.

There are lots of other things that you can do that will make sure your readers love the posts you write, that don’t directly relate to the actual content. Check out some of my top tips below, to help your content reach further.

Top Tips To Write Your Posts With User Experience In Mind

  1. Make sure you write FOR your audience. Teach them things, answer their problems with useful solutions, and be a helpful expert on things that they want to know about.

  2. Speak in your own voice. Don’t be afraid to be informal and chat to your readers in the way that you would with your friends! It will help you stand out, be unique and also relatable.

  3. Break up your posts into easy to digest chunks. I would advise keeping paragraphs pretty short - around 2-3 sentences works best.

  4. Use other formatting options such as subtitles, images, bullet points and numbered lists to keep your readers interested and to draw their attention. Some people skim blog posts to get to the info that they’re looking for, so make it easy for them!

  5. Provide options to share your blog posts on social media. People love to share good ideas, and if your blog post is something they want to share with their followers but can’t, you’ll definitely disappoint them. Not only that, but you might lose a follower and potential customer!

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Top Points To Remember

There are lots of different elements that go into creating blog posts that your readers will love.

The most important things to focus include making the posts about the reader and what you can do to help them, providing in-depth content that answers their question with detail and also formatting the post with reader experience in mind!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post, and inspired to go out there and create content that your readers are going to be obsessed with.

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Get instant access to the FREE GUIDE with 9 epic blog post topic ideas by filling out the form below now:

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