Canva 2.0: A Simple Video Guide To Canva 2.0 - How To Use Canva 2.0 - Canva Tutorial

Canva 2.0: A Simple Guide To Canva 2.0 - Best Graphic Design Tool - Canva Tutorial - Yes To Tech

Canva 2.0: A Simple Guide To Canva 2.0 - Best Graphic Design Tool - Canva Tutorial. In this video, I’m going to show you what’s new with Canva, which is the best graphic design tool, since it just released today its newest version, Canva 2.0.

First of all, if you don’t have an account with Canva yet, click here to create one right away. It’s totally free, so you can start designing right away.

So, what are the new features that you can expect to find in Canva 2.0? First off, Canva redesigned its dashboard once you login, so instead of having to search option by option until you find the template you wish to customize, you can just search for it in the search bar! Looking for a Pinterest graphic? Done. Need to edit your email header? Done. Want to create a sales pitch? Done. There are over 800 design categories that you can search from, so creating a new design has never been faster or easier.

Okay, so say we want to edit this pitch deck presentation. All we have to do is click on it to access its unique editor. There are a number of new things you can do here as well. You can click on this arrow on the left-hand side panel to design in full screen. Want to bring back the customization options? Just click on any of the options on the left-hand side panel again to bring them back.

Now let’s say that we’ve created a powerful sales pitch presentation that we want to add to our website or blog. With the new ‘present’ option, which you can access under the publish dropdown on the top, right-hand side, you can turn your slideshow into a billboard. Just click on ‘present’, and select ‘autoplay’ or ‘autoplay (looping)’.

Another new ‘publish’ feature includes the ability to publish your design directly to your social media feed. There’s no more need to download the design and then open Facebook, for instance. From the same ‘publish’ dropdown on the top, right-hand side, you can click on ‘social media’, to publish your design directly to your Facebook page, Facebook profile, LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest, Twitter and WeChat.

You can also publish your design as an animation, embed your design on your own website (and the best part is that it will always update automatically whenever you make a change), create a template out of your design for you to customize in the future over and over again, publish your design as a beautiful, responsive website, and lastly you can display your design publicly on your Canva profile.

And here are some new Canva 2.0 features coming your way shortly: you’ll be able to schedule your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin posts hours, days or weeks in advance with Canva Schedule, and it will automatically post them according to the plan you’ve set, you’ll be able to use Presenter view (with notes) for your presentations, you’ll be able to make your designs as interactive as possible by embedding YouTube videos, GIFs, Tweets, Facebook posts and Spotify songs (to name a few) into your presentations and websites, you’ll be able to create stacked bar charts for even sexier data, you’ll be able to make your designs iconic by adding emoji, and lastly you’ll be able to use Canva 2.0 as a mobile web app, so you can customize your design from whatever location you’re in.

So get excited! There are a lot of new and improved features coming your way with Canva 2.0, to ensure that you can design anything and publish your designs anywhere. Again, the link to sign up for Canva is in the description box below.

I now want to hear from you. What new Canva 2.0 feature are you most excited to try out? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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