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9 Epic Blog Post Topics To Boost Website Traffic

If you want to transform your website traffic, you need to blog with strategy in mind. Here are 9 examples of epic blog post topics to boost website traffic

The main advantage of blog posts is that they have longevity. They are great to boost your site’s SEO, especially if you are feeding them on a regular basis. You add your keywords, which improves your ranking on Google, you help your audience, which makes them like and trust you, and they are the best place on your site to grow your e-mail list.

Thing is, you need traffic first and foremost to get visitors to your site and read your blog posts. If the basic formula is visitors to subscribers to sales, then step zero is traffic. If there is nothing enticing those visitors to come, and if you are not working on a regular basis to grow your blog traffic, you will never convert them into subscribers and into sales.

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To grow your traffic, you need to create valuable, evergreen content for your blog posts. Evergreen content is content that will be as relevant to your ideal audience today, as it will be in a week, in a month, in a year, or even in 5 or more years to come.

This is the type of content that your ideal audience is Googling, and has questions about. By creating blog posts that answer those questions, you will become the go-to person in your field. This will boost the search results for your blog posts, and increase word of mouth as time goes by, and as you become more and more known.

Whereas you can add time-based content every once in awhile, like to promote an upcoming event or giveaway, if you want to truly transform your traffic, you need to blog with strategy in mind. Your blog posts should either teach your audience, answer questions, or help them to make a purchase. So let’s cover 9 examples of epic, evergreen blog post ideas that you can create.

1. An ultimate guide or in-depth review post where you dive deep into a product or how to do something step-by-step. For instance, two blog posts I created with this in mind are ‘The Ultimate Guide To Create Your Own Website’ and ‘An In-Depth Review Of Using Wix To Create Your Own Website’.

Fill out the form below now to download a FREE GUIDE with 9 epic blog post topic ideas you can add to your blog instantly:

2. A post on your own, unique story where you tell people where you were and how you got to where you are today. This butterfly transformation connects your audience to you, and helps them imagine their story in yours. For example, ‘How I Created My Own Website From Scratch With No Prior Technical Knowledge’.

3. A before and after post where you expose why you did that change, compare what was to what is, and talk about the benefits or results of making that change. For instance, ‘Website Redesign: From Professionally Designed to Custom-Created With Wix’.

4. A frequently asked questions post where you clarify the biggest problems that your audience might have, or even anticipate any questions they might have. For example, ‘Can I do that with Wix? The Definitive Guide’.

5. A step-by-step guide or video tutorial where you teach people how to do something they want to learn but are having difficulties with, or don’t know where or how to start. For instance, ‘How to Explode Your E-mail List With A Freebie + Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Create One With Canva’ and ‘How To Set Up A High-Converting Landing Page in 20 Minutes (with no stress and no overwhelm)’.

Fill out the form below now to download a FREE GUIDE with 9 epic blog post topic ideas you can add to your blog instantly:

6. A post where you expose the very best tools and resources that you use in your business that can help out your ideal audience achieve certain results. For example, ‘8 Business Tools You Need To Make Your Website Rock’.

7. A comparison post in which you share the pros and cons of using a number of different tools, services, resources or software. For instance, ‘The best platforms to create your own website (and why I chose Wix)’ and ‘The Very Best Wix Templates To Create A Website That Converts Like Crazy’.

8. A post where you expose your opinion and take a stand, be it popular or not, on a particular topic. For example ‘Why I chose Wix As My Website Creation Platform’.

9. A case study, which shares the story of one of your clients, or of someone who has worked with you, to get a particular result. This may be one of the last evergreen content posts that you create, since you need to have worked with someone else to gain the content.

Those evergreen blog post ideas will help you boost your e-mail list and grow your traffic with SEO. Want a detailed list with all of those epic blog post ideas that you can always have on hand? Just fill out the form below to get your FREE Essential Blog Posts Guide!

Fill out the form below now to download a FREE GUIDE with 9 epic blog post topic ideas you can add to your blog instantly:

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