Interact Quiz Maker: The Powerful Reason Why You Should Use The Interact Quiz Maker To Make A Quiz

I bet you’ve already taken a BuzzFeed quiz. You know what it’s like to go down that rabbit hole and spend hours figuring out which emoji best represents your personality, which European country you should visit on your next trip, and which ‘Game Of Thrones’ character is your soulmate. They’re addicting and so much fun! Now imagine having that on your site, driving floods of traffic to it, and capturing tons of leads while you’re at it. That’s exactly what you can do with the Interact Quiz Maker.

As the name says, Interact Quiz Maker is a quiz, poll and giveaway maker crafted to grow your e-mail list, maximize your sales, and boost your social media presence. Interact Quiz Maker has done the research: quizzes have an average conversion rate of 50%, generate 230% more sales, and 10% of people who take quizzes share their results on social media. As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves.

The Powerful Reason Why You Should Use The Interact Quiz Builder To Turbo-Charge Your E-mail List - Yes To Tech

With their user-friendly platform, you can (and should) go behind the scenes and give your best shot at being a successful BuzzFeed writer for your business. Your quiz can be created from the ground up, with you coming up with the title, questions, and images, or you can choose and personalize one of Interact Quiz Maker’s tried-and-tested quizzes. With over 100 quizzes to choose from in 56 niches, you’ll certainly find one that you like. Those quizzes can be one of three types: personality, assessment, or score (tally) quizzes.

The Powerful Reason Why You Should Use The Interact Quiz Builder To Turbo-Charge Your E-mail List - Yes To Tech

The best part is that, if you select one of Interact Quiz Maker’s premium plans, you can hide the result of the quiz behind a lead capture form, which compels the quiz-taker to opt-in to your e-mail list to get their result. Once they fill it out and receive their result, you can add a call to action to the bottom that links to a blog post, sales page or affiliate offer depending on the answer they get. You can even add social buttons so that the quiz-taker can share their result on their favorite social media platform - a surefire way for your quiz to go viral. The Interact Quiz Maker literally creates BuzzFeed quizzes on steroids!

The Powerful Reason Why You Should Use The Interact Quiz Builder To Turbo-Charge Your E-mail List - Yes To Tech

If you’re hesitant about dropping $17 per month or more when starting out, the Interact Quiz Maker also offers a free forever plan, that allows you to create unlimited quizzes, giveaways, and polls, have unlimited completions (how many times your apps are completed by your visitors), and completely customize the look and feel of the design so that it fits in with your website’s branding.

The quiz you create can be embedded anywhere on your site (the Interact Quiz Maker provides you with code that you can copy and paste), and even comes with an in-depth analytics panel so you can analyze how your quizzes, giveaways and polls are performing. If they are not up to your standards, you can go in and make edits, or create a new one altogether. The Interact Quiz Maker takes into consideration the number of views your quiz gets, the number of people who start it, the number of those who complete it, the number of people who opt in to your e-mail list to get the results, and lastly, the conversion rate.

The Powerful Reason Why You Should Use The Interact Quiz Builder To Turbo-Charge Your E-mail List - Yes To Tech

If you’ve never created a quiz before, fret not! The Interact Quiz Maker was crafted with the beginner quiz-maker in mind, and has an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. All you have to do is follow the prompts and click buttons. It’s as easy as that! Continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to create a quiz with the Interact Quiz Maker.

  1. Login to your Interact Quiz Maker account.

  2. From the panel on the left, select ‘Quizzes’, and click the orange button that says ‘+ Create New Quiz’.

  3. Get started by choosing one of Interact Quiz Maker’s pre-made quizzes (the panel on the left allows you to sort quizzes based on conversion rate or alphabetical order, and filter them by category) or click on ‘create a quiz from scratch’.

  4. In this tutorial, I’m going with one of Interact Quiz Maker’s pre-made quizzes, so I’m going to go ahead and click on ‘+ Use This Quiz’.

  5. Once the maker loads, you can click on the individual items on the panel on the left under ‘Content’ to customize the text, such as the quiz title, and description, edit the questions and answers, images, and results.

  6. For the results, you can show or hide multiple results, redirect the quiz results to your website or to landing pages you set up for each result, and customize how the result page looks if you decide to keep it within the Interact Quiz Maker. This is also where you can hide or customize your call to action button.

  7. Within each of the quiz questions, you can add or remove answers and individual images for each answer, show or hide a general question image, and edit result correlations (where you decide which answer correlates to which result).

  8. On the panel on the left, you can also change the quiz style (by toggling from the ‘Content’ tab to the ‘Style’ tab), which allows you to change the background color, font color, button color, font type, and add a logo image.

  9. You can also add Facebook pixels or Google Analytics tracking to your quiz to track the conversions of your customers, edit the quiz branding, and customize the way your quiz is shared across all social media platforms under social share settings. This is particularly useful if you wish to embed the quiz on your site, and use that URL as the share link instead of the custom link the Interact Quiz Maker generates.

  10. Once all of that is done, and if you chose one of Interact Quiz Maker’s premium plans, you will see an option at the top of the panel on the left to ‘enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz’.

  11. Once you toggle that option to on, you will be able to set up and customize an opt-in form (remember to untick ‘allow users to skip information collection form’ if you want to oblige the quiz-taker to opt in to your e-mail list to get their results), connect it to your e-mail list, and map the quiz data to your e-mail list. I use ConvertKit, and this way, I can add a particular sequence to each individual result the quiz-taker gets.

  12. When you are happy with everything, it’s time to click on ‘</> Share and Embed’ in the top right corner.

  13. Click on ‘Publish Changes’, and either copy the embed code (it comes in both iFrame and Javascript) if you wish to embed the quiz on your site, or copy the direct URL if you wish to share your quiz directly.

You see? It’s super fast and easy to set up a quiz with the Interact Quiz Maker. Click here to give it a go (it’s FREE to start!) and catapult your e-mail list and site’s traffic. If you want to go behind the scenes and see what a finished Interact quiz looks like, take one of the two (or both) quizzes below (the first one I customized from one of Interact Quiz Maker’s pre-made quizzes, and the second one I created myself from scratch).

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