3 Things You Can Do Now To Reduce Your Bounce Rate And Keep Visitors On Your Site Longer

We go through all of the work of creating a site ourselves with the intention of attracting and retaining our visitors. One of the most dreaded things that accounts for visitors leaving is called bounce rate, i.e., the percentage of visitors that land on your page and flee instead of continuing on your site reading your blog posts, about me page and services. If you want to convert those visitors into subscribers into sales, having a low bounce rate is of utmost importance. Here are 3 things you can do right now to keep visitors on your site longer.

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1. A highly targeted blog

Blog posts that are well written and directed at your visitors’ pain points are the foundation of a successful blog. Search Google, Quora and hashtags that are trending on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to understand what kind of things they are searching and in need of.

Your focus should be on providing something of substance and value. This way, your visitors have a reason to continue reading your blog, opt-in to your e-mail list, and desire to take the logical next step with you instead of with someone else.

Three vital ways to keep them informed or inspired is by having in your blog’s sidebar:

  • An archives menu, so that even those posts that you have written long ago can be easily accessed.

  • A featured post category, where you can add up to five of your best blog posts that no new or old visitor should skip reading.

  • A related post category, which shows your visitors content that relates to the post they are currently reading.

By having all of these things on your blog, you almost 100% guarantee that your visitors will click around, instead of just read part of a blog post and leave your site.

2. A search bar

Imagine a budding entrepreneur lands on your tech-related website in desperate need of advice on the best website creation platforms that exist. If they have to spend hours scrolling through your blog or your services or resources page, they will most likely give up and try their luck on another website.

Make it clear and easy for your site’s visitors to find what they are looking for. Add a search bar front-and-center, either on the top of the page or on your site’s sidebar if you have one.

3. Internal links

This is not only applicable to blog posts that link to older posts and related content. Add links to your best blog posts on your homepage, provide the logical next step with a clear path to your free e-mail course, and make access to your resources page just a click away.

Your about page is another great place to add internal links that most people usually forget about. If someone is going through the trouble of learning more about you, make sure to provide them with even more value by giving your visitors access to one, or even some, of your stellar offers.

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Fill out the form below to join the 5-day FREE EPIC WEBSITE CHALLENGE now and finally get your dream website out of your head!

I now want to hear from you. What are the things that you are doing to capture your visitor’s attention and keep them on your site as long as possible? Let me know in the comments.

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