3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Created My Own Website

The first website I built took me months to create. The second took me just a couple of hours. Why the huge difference? Because the second time round I knew exactly what to do when, and what to prioritize. I don’t want you to go through the same struggles I had and make the same mistakes I did when I started out, so here are the 3 things I wish I knew before I created my own website.

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What Website Creation Platform To Use

This is step 1 of the equation when creating a website yourself. To be completely honest, it took me days (if not weeks) to choose the best option for me. Firstly, because I did not know what platforms existed. And secondly, because I did not know, out of all the options I compiled (Weebly, Moonfruit, Strikingly, Designly, IM Creator, and Wix, to be exact) which one I should select. In the end I chose Wix due to its ease of use, drag-and-drop editor, and affordability. Want to know my exact reasoning in more detail? Check out Why I Chose Wix As My Website Creation Platform.

How To Structure And Write Content For Each Of My Pages

Now that I had chosen the platform, what should I do with it? I had never created a website before, had no idea what my website should look like, and what should be included within each page. At that moment, knowing what a site map and copywriting are would have been amazing. A site map is a list of all of the pages on your website, and I like creating them as drawings that map out where each section will go. How do you do that? By researching the websites of other players in your niche, and figuring out what you like and dislike about each. The same goes for copywriting. If you have no idea what kind of content should be included in each page, check out your competitors, and what they write about. A little stalking never hurt anybody.

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That E-Mail Should Be My #1 Priority

The first website I created had only a small opt-in form in the footer, a place that is the exact opposite of prime real estate. E-mail is the only social platform that we have 100% control over, and as such is essential no matter our ultimate goal, be it to make sales or be established as an expert in your field. If you look around yestotech.com, the website is basically a huge opt-in form, no matter what page you land on. The homepage has three opt-ins, blog posts have content upgrades, and the resources page is all about exchanging an e-mail for a checklist or worksheet. I use ConvertKit as my e-mail marketing platform to easily manage this all.

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Fill out the form below to join the 5-day FREE EPIC WEBSITE CHALLENGE now and finally get your dream website out of your head!

Now I want to hear from you. Have you ever created a website? If so, what did you wish you knew when you started out? Share your thoughts below, and get ready to inspire others!

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